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Scuf gamepad, PlayStation Vue, and other extreme last-minute gaming gifts

It happens. December is crazy. You get busy with work and shopping for your kids, and then you remember: you have to get your cousin Chester something for the family gift exchange on Christmas Eve. Well, if Chester is a gamer — and you know our boy Chester loves his PlayStation — then we’ve got…

Amazon starts flexing muscle in new space: Air cargo

(Reuters) — A cargo plane emblazoned with “Prime Air” descended from an empty sky at Lehigh Valley International Airport on Tuesday, ninety minutes from the bustle of New York City, loaded with crates of goods during the peak holiday shopping season. It’s one of 40 jets leased by…

8 Scheduling Hacks to 10X Your Productivity

Let’s face it — business owners have a lot on their plates. Whether you’re managing teams locally or globally, your day-to-day thoughts and activities are likely consumed by the need to accelerate the growth of your company. With so much to manage, it can be difficult to stay focused and productive….

Failing Fast At The Idea of Hiring A Writer + WordPress Person

Thanks to the 75+ people who have reached out about being willing to help me with writing and WordPress stuff. I’ve read all the emails, answered some of them, and will get responses out to the rest on Sunday after I have a nice digital sabbath starting in a few minutes. On my run today, I thought…

T-Mobile’s ‘free’ streaming music service blocked in Netherlands over net neutrality concerns

(Reuters) — The Dutch Consumer and Markets regulator (AFM) on Friday ordered T-Mobile to stop offering a streaming music product which did not count toward customers’ data usage. The AFM said the practice, often called “zero rating” is a violation of Dutch net neutrality rules, because it puts…

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