The year 2016 is on its ending phase and the digital marketing world is ready to welcome 2017 with open arms. But before you tighten your seat belt and get ready for 2017, the online space is already prepared for it to cater the users by providing them an experience that makes them jolly and engages them so well that they will sure think to move on a different option.

Visibility is one thing that will be the major concern for all the brands and dominate the market but other vital factors to look upon for better results are as follows:

  1. Consumer Experience

Customer experience is the key factor which every brand must look upon and trust us from the deep insights the users that engage with your brand are the most vital users to turn into consumers of your product or services. So for the consumer engaging with you brand through any means either by content or through advertisement, the motive of flawless engagement should always be of utmost importance. Consumer experience should also not be hampered by your remarketing skills. Though it’s a good point to have maximum recall of your brand and the conversion percentage, but not at the sake of consumer experience.

2. Videos are gonna rule the industry

The video content is being accepted by the users more as compared to the images and content and with the facts like more and more video views generated by the social media giants i.e. Facebook and Youtube videos are hitting the Digital Marketing hard and are very impactful.

3. People like it LIVE

With all the platforms integrating a live feature for better engagement and for reactions with the users, time has become a now or never thing. Thanks to the internet connectivity and its faster access along with a sweet mix of technology, live streaming has been so easy and friendly that people eat their food going live with their partners or friends.

It has become a trend for the brands to go live at a launch of an event or for any coverage on the social media platforms. Various apps give the live streaming functionality with easy execution and implementation along with engagement options and the best example for this is Facebook which allows the audience to comment, react and share further.

4. Mobile with over rule

The smartphone industry is booming and with new technology being put into the gadgets for the convenience of the user, the traffic coming from mobiles is huge and is increasing day by day. So the players of the market need to understand this better and integrate it with their marketing style. Businesses must start catering to the audience while looking at the brand through the mirror of a smartphone.

5. More of socializing

The social media is on a boom. Daily optimization of the platforms that cater to the people present there is driving business through Social Media marketing while they are consuming the……read more



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