Folks!!!Be genuine. What would be the first thing you look for if you hear about a business startup? 90% of you may answer it as “official website”, isn’t it? In this digital dominating world, a business is lost if it doesn’t have a website and it is the most frequent question now, “Does my startup really need a website”?

It is much simpler to answer this question; yes your startup definitely needs a website as it drives more customers. How can we say in a diplomatic way? This is not the echo of everyone as we are living in the computerized world, but all these are proven facts based on the census. Out of 2.42 billion users of internet per day, 2.18 billion have searched for something to buy online, 0.96 billion users have purchased in last month, more than 1.78 billion might check up your new business before ending up in a business with you, 1.24 billion users expect their half buy to be completed by next year.

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