Having a small business is the best thing you can do, but it’s also a challenge. The challenge is finding and maintaining customers. If you’re a business owner, you should know how important it is to have an online presence. The majority of your potential customers is browsing the web. You have a website for your business, but no one is visiting. Maybe, you have a website that has a decent amount of visitors, but it’s not converting the way it should. There are a lot of business owners thinking the same thing. It can be frustrating not knowing a online solution to your problem. It’s 2017 and a lot of things have changed since the beginning of the internet. In this post, 99 Neighbors are going to talk the top reasons why your business is failing online.

Website is not responsive

What is a responsive website? A responsive website is a single website that can adapt to any screen size and can be easily be seen on mobile devices. If someone visits your website and they have to zoom in to click a link on your website, your website is not responsive. Google is now penalizing websites that aren’t mobile friendly. Why? Mobile is rapidly growing and is the future. Everyone is on their mobile phones. Google is preparing for the full takeover of mobile devices when it comes to searches. So should you. Having a non responsive website will decrease your website visitors. Find out if your website is mobile friendly.

Website not optimize for search engines

There are only two search engines your website should be optimized for. That’s Google & Bing. Google is more important in our eyes as Google is the biggest search engine. What do we mean by optimize? SEO, short for search engine optimization. Each page on your website should be optimized for keywords related to your business and that particular page. There is a formula for optimizing your website correctly. Optimizing your website correctly will help boost your search ranking in Google & Bing. Meaning, the higher search ranking, the more visitors to your website. There are other SEO factors that play a major role in ranking on the first page of Google & Bing. We are not going to spill all the secrets. 🙂 If we do, 99 Neighbors and other SEO companies will be out of business lol. Anyway, SEO takes time to develop. Don’t expect any overnight success. You have to be patient and consistent when it comes to search engine optimization.

Website Penalize By Google

Like I stated before, Google is the biggest search engine. You have to rely on Google in order for your business to have success. In 2011, Google implemented a big update to their search engine call Panda. Google Panda made website owners fall to their knees, making a lot of business website owners go out of business or start with a whole new website. Google Panda was designed to get rid of low quality sites . Meaning, if your website has low quality content, Google was going to make you vanish.

To put the icing on the cake, Google launched another update call Penguin. Google Penguin was the killer. Google Penguin targeted spam links. Spam links are links pointing back to your website that’s not relevant to your business. Also, link buying and anchor linking the same keyword numerous times to manipulate the search engine. To make a long story short, you’re a victim of BAD SEO. If you use to have a lot of traffic coming to your website, but now you don’t, there is a good chance your website was penalized. Log into your Google search console and check for any message sent by Google. Local SEO done the right way.

Not Writing Enough Quality Content

If you want quality visitors to your website, writing engaging content is key. Make sure you are writing quality content. Stay away from article spinners and writers who plagiarize other content. Having poor content on your website will get you penalized by Google and create a bad user experience. You should have a blog for your website. Write on your blog a minimum of two times per week at the beginning.

Ignoring Social Media

Social Media is very important these days. Not only does social media help you build a better relationship with your customers, social media also play a major role in search rankings. Don’t ignore social media. Now is the time to put a heavy emphasis on it.

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