Total today: 3% | Total this month so far: 3% | Total last month (November): +15%

Trade Report №9 on Medium.

Trade: EurUsd long today.


I wish everybody reading this a good morning, noon or evening.

Always remember to stay patient, disciplined and consistent! The most important part!

To all german reader: I just started my Podcast. anchor.fm/leon-lonka

Make sure to visit leonlonka.com for all the necessary information and if you have questions, advice or critique don’t hesitate to message me on the various platforms or via email to contact@leonlonka.com

I advise you to keep it simple with trading. It made me profitable.

If you want to trade my signals, just follow me on tradingview.com/u/LeonLonka and download the app + enable the notifications there — now you can enter all my trading advice/setups/signal directly on your phone if you have also installed your MetaTrader.

I also want to advise you to trade my signals with a demo account for a month first, so you can make sure yourself that I am profitable and that it works.

For more visit leonlonka.com and don’t hesitate to contact me.

Have a great week. Regards Leon 🙂



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