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We know that there is a gold mine out there called online forex trading. With its volatility and considering the risk apart and keeping it aside the profitability is so great that it can be first considered as a second income and moving on you may find it to be your first source of income in a very short period of time. However people are really afraid to venture into this market including seasoned traders. Here in this article I present to you the three most important reasons why people are afraid to trade Forex Online.

Number 1 — It is difficult to find an honest Forex broker

I am going to be really candid with you here, I am a victim too, the months I have fought with my Forex Brokers brings back bitter memories as I write it and I stopped thinking about the money they looted from me. (This is the reason why Shine Markets was born, to change the way a forex broker work, that’s for later, now back to the topic). This is one key ingredient in your Forex trading venture, I would suggest that do not keep your money in one basket, rather distribute it to various brokers. Make small profits and withdraw the profits frequently. One another thing is you need to find a true ECN STP DMA (Electronic Communication Network, Straight through Processing, Direct Market Access) broker and that will be your lucky day. The true STP broker will not lose when the client makes money rather they will be happy that you are making profits. Once you have a broker like that in place and you can consider yourself extremely lucky. How to find one is for another article which will be released soon.

Number 2 — Fear of the Forex market or fear of decision making to buy or sell

Let me put this straight to you, No one can predict the market, but there are ways to predict where your currency pairs are heading the next moment. I would suggest instead of long term goals if you are a day trader look for short term profits. We at Shine markets provide all the tools in one place including near perfect Forex Signals for you to make money in online Forex trading.

You can have it free for 14 days by just opening a demo account here

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The list of tools we provide:

  • Forex Signals — Assured guaranteed signals 24/5
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Weekly video Review
  • Forex Market Review
  • Economic Calendar
  • Holidays Calendar
  • Interest Rates
  • News of the day
  • Global Economic Indicators
  • Ex- Dividend Rates
  • Secret Trading Strategies — Strategies that no one else knows
  • Historical volatility Calculator
  • Pivot Point Calculator
  • Fibonacci Calculator
  • Educational Videos
  • Indicators for Mt4 Platform
  • Marketing Statistics
  • Trade Support
  • Trade Guidance

All the above tools including Signals and Secret Strategies are at your disposal to take the right kind of trading decisions at the right time.

Number 3 — People whose fingers are already burnt in the market

This can be a torture, those traders who has already burnt their fingers for numerous reasons, it could be the market, and it could be the broker. No matter what let that no stop you. You might have invested a crap load of money and gambled it. This is the most frequent reason why traders fail. They gamble and greed takes over them and that is very bad.

Let me tell you my man, trade with the money you can afford to lose, save some from your parties and orgies and trade with it, for your gadgets and luxuries you can make profits. This is what we at Shine Markets urge our clients to do. Since we are a volume based broker, we are happy that our clients are making profits and we are very happy to extent all the support and resources for our clients to make money.

Give us a call or contact us by any means to discuss about new trading strategies and how to make profits. We are all ready to support you no irrelevant to the fact that you may be trading with your favorite broker.

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