What is AIDCOIN?

AidCoin is a token for charity, built on Blockain Ethereal and supported by CharityStars. Token ERC20 which aims to be transparent through blockchain technology and to access our service network. The online donation market is $ 15 billion in the US alone.

The rapid adoption of cryptococcus will inevitably affect the way to contribute in the future and AidCoin is set to play a leading role in this new fundraising era.

Solution Problems

Crypto adoption by the charity is currently zero, with only a few charities receiving bitcoin. On the other hand, public confidence in the charity has fallen to the lowest level since 2005, with more than half of the general public being skeptical about donating to charitable activities. 
Our goal is to solve the problem and help the charity to collect more money. Using distributed ledgers to track transactions, crypto-cards to transfer funds and smart contracts to ensure donations are properly spent, Blockchain potentially affects the entire nonprofit sector. You can also see our video below

If you are asking about who we are: AidCoin is supported by CharityStars , a proven team that can implement Blockchain appointments in the nonprofit world.

Utilizing the power of technology, media and celebrities, we raised more than $ 10 million for a charity auction, which supports 500 organizations including Unicef, Save the Children and WWF.

VC supported, we are a team of 25 people in three countries

Token Ecosystem

  • AIDChain is our own blocking explorer who keeps track of AidCoin’s donation stream. It will be accessible to anyone with limited tech skills. AIDChain is also able to track fiat flows thanks to integration with the bank API, providing a full transparent picture of how charities use the funds.
  • AIDPay is an exchange payment gateway that allows charities to easily integrate and receive donations in crypto. AIDPay converts the most important fiat and crypto into AidCoin, providing tax deduction receipts to donors. You can support big goals and easily save money from your taxes

Early Adoption

CharityStars has planned to use the token internally in a way that provides incentives for the adoption and retention of its own community of 40,000 bidders who need to purchase and store AidCoin tokens to participate in the most exclusive auctions.

How to Spend Tokens

You can donate tokens to our charity partners who accept AIDCOIN, or you can use them to participate and pay for CharityStars auctions. When purchasing a CharityStars platform using AidCoin, both donors and charities will receive a commission discount. Every month we offer hundreds of auctions, ranging from celebrity experiences to sports memorabilia, from art to exclusive travel.

How to Use Token?

how to use tokens there are 2 ways that

  • Donate it 
    to our charity partners or buy CharityStars charity auctions such as collections, fine artwork, luxury travel, VIP tickets to sporting events, lunch with CEOs and celebrities, etc.
  • Exchanging 
    After ICO, our tokens can be exchanged with other cryptoes on the trading platform.

Distribution Tokens

Tokens Details:

Symbol: AID

Initial value: 1,000 AID = 1 ETH

Presale: Nov 20, 2017

ICO: December 15, 2017

Type: ERC20

Maximum Base: 30,000 ETH

Supply: 100000000


For more information please see below:

Website: https://www.aidcoin.co/

Whitepaper : https://www.aidcoin.co/assets/documents/whitepaper.pdf

Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/AidCoinCo/?_rdc=1&_rdr

Telegram : https://t.me/aidcoincommunity

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aid_coin



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