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Introduction of AMLT

AMLT is a cryptocurrency for the AML / CTF Coinfirm platform. This platform is different because it provides identity verification services to the company economically and conveniently. AMLT coins, on the other hand, give companies the benefit of discounts to companies when accessing verification services on the CoL / AMF / CTF Coinfirm platform. AMLT provides access to a safe and transparent blockchain economy. Thus, protecting us, our partners and clients from potential risks and enabling commercial adoption and growth. AMLT is the primary link in Blockchain, helping businesses to ensure transparency and security — to protect themselves, their customers and grow by solving one of the biggest Blockchain needs — effective compliance and AML procedures. The company will soon go beyond other platforms because of its distinguishing features

AMTL future aims
Finally, it can be said that AMLT has a access over fully operational and proven platform that enables the purchase of reports and services. The whole team tracks records of early adopters of cryptocurrencies for making AMLT the world’s largest business and a recognized brand.

How AMLT works

Coinfirm is a globally recognized brand in equally the markets of blockchain or virtual currency and Regulatory technology that is also known as RegTech industries. The founder team has consisted by the early adopters of cryptocurrencies and all the veterans of AML and fraud investigations are from the world’s largest businesses. All the partners and professionals from major cryptocurrency are from smaller to larger financial industries which are connected with risk management and have to obey strict laws and regulations. For this AMLT takes care of observance through an innovative way by engaging and providing all the beneficial participations among the virtual currency user.

The market for virtual currency is wide spread and the market is growing rapidly throughout the world. Also this rapidly growing business is not hidden from the big businesses, financial industries, criminals, regulators and financial investigation units. The goal of coinfirms is to make AML to rule over reality and to build the global standard for blochain applications. The foundation for this standard has been set by the AML or CTF Platform and currently performing in three main blockchain agnostic Platforms; Bitcoin, Dash, and Ethereum. These are also in procedure of incorporating blockchains in private and public sectors also. The firm has already solved some concerns in an inventive way by improvising actionable structured data. The increasing efficiency ultimately reduces costs and compliances nearer to automation by the ability for mass adoption and redefining AML compliances all together.

Coinfirms work in a structured way. At the beginning, the AML or CTF Platform provides services like a foundation for the safe adoption and use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. After that, it uses proprietary algorithms and big data analysis that will help to provide actionable data, adds to competence, decreases costs and rationalize to fulfilment to near automation. Next, it spreads the complete blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem into the conventional economy and that switches the mass market acceptance. Then it hands out as a viaduct to obliging new business models and assuming blockchain and virtual currencies in a safe and submissive way. By this it has built to create the Global Standard for the entire industry.

Solution from AMLT
1.AMLT helps market participants access data on cyber-related risks — using AMLT to get the report and to fully benefit from the cryptocurrency economy.

2.This brings efficiency and effectiveness of AML / CTF compliance and democratization to global market participants

3.AMLT users will help define good and bad actors with precision beyond the reach of the current financial system — without unfair exclusion of individuals in sanction countries

4.Provide efficient access to reports and data for AML / CTF compliance purposes for cryptocurrencies

5.Building a transparent financial system and democratization by collecting and sharing data in an anonymous way

6.Improve and automate processes within AML / CTF Coinfirm Platform and provide benefits and benefits to participants

7.Creating a transparent and mutually beneficial Blockchain compliant ecosystem that becomes a global AML / CTF standard for blockchain

8.Giving users an important and active part in building a new era of financial transparency and the foundation for mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies

AMLT -Key in Blockchain
AMLT is a key link in Blockchain, helping businesses to ensure transparency and security — to protect themselves, their customers and grow by solving one of the biggest Blockchain needs — effective compliance and AML procedures.

As studies and leaders have pointed out, the Regulatory Compliance, especially Anti Money Laundering (APU) and Terrorist Financing Prevention (CTF) for Blockchain and the virtual currency that has been a major obstacle to their overall mass adoption.

AMLT provides access to a secure and transparent blockchain economy — protecting you, partners and clients from potential risks and enabling for commercial adoption and growth.

210.000 Token token AMTL will be available during crowdsale. 120,000 will be the reward of payday for network members, which will be distributed monthly through a smart contract. 10% of all funds gained from crowdsale will be the founding team with locking period, advisor will have 2%, 1% will get rewarded for referrals, 4% for development team and temporary bonus 0, 50% will get charity, make it around 400,000 , 000 to be generated in the smart contract. Crowd-sale is coming soon.


AMLT consists of the experience of professionals who work hard, smart and certainly have outstanding skills and no doubt, so do not be surprised if the AMLT project will achieve success. And this is the people who are in this extraordinary team (AMLT ).

Founder AMLT

WEBSITE : https://amlt.coinfirm.io/
WHITEPAPER : https://amlt.coinfirm.io/pdf/white-paper.pdf
TWITTER : https://twitter.com/AMLT_Token
FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/AMLToken/
LINKEDIN : https://www.linkedin.com/company/coinfirm/

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