Bitcoin Dollar has interacted with Presearch!

Our team has entered into an initial negotiation phase with Presearch, a website search engine for the crypto industry. Presearch is considered a major rival for Google in near future. As of today, Presearch serves 2.1 million registered users and works with over 45 different 80 sponsors. In the past, we’ve worked hard to find a promotion partner to handle advertising and communication medium for our project and development. We’re hoping that Presearch will be handling our promotion and communication to users across the world .

Not only will Presearch help Bitcoin Dollar promotion , but it will also be integrating Bitcoin Dollar as a payment method for their activity. This will give millions of users the ability to purchase and know about our Bitcoin dollar.

Presearch is open to the Public!

After several months in closed beta, today they are opening up Presearch access to the public.

Anyone can create an account and start earning Presearch Tokens when they search.

Promotional Kick-off

With the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal and revelations about just how much information Google is storing on its users, our timing couldn’t be better to release Presearch alternative to the Internet Giants.

Stay tuned for a whole barrage of updates in the coming days and weeks. It’s show time!

“Unlike Google, Presearch’s decentralized search model will utilize “open and transparent ranking factors, which will enable content creators to access a level playing field, and [give] users the choice of which data to utilize.” The service will empower the community (the users) with the ability to partake in voting and funding of development opportunities. A project of this scale promises to dramatically disrupt the market for search.”

Bitcoin Dollar is now using Medium

We are now using Medium to release frequent development updates, announcements, and other important information. This doesn’t mean we will stop sending email newsletters, but it does mean that they may become less frequent. We highly recommend you follow us on Medium to get frequent updates! As always, we will be sure to share these pots on all of our social media forums.

The Bitcoin Dollar Community has been integral in helping to spread the word about the project, as well as refining the beta product.

Check them out and join in on Telegram:

And on Twitter:



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