Not at length in this time I will immediately give a description of Bitcoin Atom:

Bitcoin Atom (BCA) presents a highly decentralized move for the exchange of digital assets — along with the exchange of chain atoms on board.

Using the built-in hash time-locked contract (HTLCs) and its own HTLC API, Bitcoin Atom tries to disrupt our steps to convert these fitting cryptocurrencies, adding freedom from intermediaries and centralized entities.

We are convinced that generally trading of cryptocurrency must be done on-chain along with decentralized steps, compatible with the original Bitcoin approach to transact in a totally unbelieving environment.

Atomic Swaps (AS), which is implemented right through an on-chain HTLC network and potentially through an off-chain Lightning (LN) network, brings the power to exchange assets directly between blockchains without the intermediaries involved. This capability is called the cross-linking of atoms, and we propose Bitcoin Atom’s help to the point, along with bringing the API and a set of cross-trade utilities to the original Bitcoin core software and shipped it to BCA.

Trading on a centralized exchange is a popular topic among members of the crypto-currency community, especially with the increasing volume of trading and crypto prices led by Bitcoin. However, discussions often revolve around the issues facing the exchange users, due to the number and complexity of the steps involved, and the various issues that arise.

How It Works

Trading processes had third-party exchanges with the following steps:
• Registration
• Verification process
• Deposit the exchange account
• Make a reservation
• Make a withdrawal
• Withdrawal process
• Receive coins
All of these steps can take a lot of time, ranging from 3 to 5 business days, depending on the exchange provider.

Let’s take a closer look at the crypto exchange system that is being implemented through Atomic Swaps:
• Place your order inside your node
• Accept your Crypto issues
You can easily access the node with BITCOIN ATOM and immediately install sell / buy order without any problems or intermediaries.

Here is Partners of Bitcoin Atom

Benefits of Atomic Swap Above Centered Stocks
• Better trade
• Delete delays (caused by missing deposit / withdrawals, server downtime, etc.)
• Retention your private key, preventing the possibility of losing your coins (ie Mount Gox)
• Minimize potential security breaches,
Keep your personal identity (without any verification process)
• Decentralization of the entire trading process so that it is highly peer-to-peer
• Reduce trading costs to a minimum

Bonus for Bitcoin Holders
All Bitcoin holders that have their particular key on a fork fitting (TBA number block) will receive Bitcoin Atom for 1 BTC = 1 BCA.

You must control your particular Bitcoin key to claim and transact Bitcoin Atom. Bitcoin Atom is a Bitcoin blockchain fork with a major protocol upgrade that will occur in mid-December (block number TBA).

On a predetermined block, the original BTC block will be attached to the BCA, and each transaction that has been performed since then will be very separate on the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Atom networks. At that time, Bitcoin Atom will live on the mainnet and become fully functional crypto.

Token Details
Symbol Ticker: BCA
Maximum BCA: 21 Million
Distribution: Mining, Minting, Claiming
PoW Algorithm: SHA256
PoW Block Interval: 10 Minutes
PoS Block Interval: 10 Minutes
Block size (actual): 1M (2–4M)
Adjustment difficulty: 2 weeks
Average Tx confirmation time: 5 Minutes
Swap atoms: Yes
Segwit: Yes
Re-protection: Yes
Unique address format: Yes

Bitcoin Atom also has a scheduled plan as Roadmap shown below:

So much for my brief description of Bitcoin, hopefully enlighten you to choose a truly decentralized Bitcoin, for your added knowledge of bitcoin atoms please visit the following official link :


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