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Bitcoin Is Still the Ultimate Fictional Asset

Bitcoin is the very picture of post-modern infamy. It’s been used by criminals, it’s been called a bubble, a bump-and-dump scam, a digital asset that is entirely speculative, and a lot of worse names.

Bitcoin is Rising

However it hasn’t gone to zero, until then, it’s still fucking brilliant. In fact, Bitcoin has had its first 2 consecutive weeks of growth of 2018. Bitcoin, whether it’s worth $20,000 or $6,000 is still a global obsession.

Bitcoin [BTC] is as brilliant as it is flawed, Weiss’ rating believes

Bitcoin Cash in fact, has had an April rally. It’s up 80%. Bitcoin’s early year correction could be over, and for all the bad names and bans we through at it, Japan continues to adopt it as a form of payment. An entire country of 130 million people is not wrong. Saying it in America, is like saying a dirty word.

America media and tech pubs are flooded with articles how Bitcoin is basically the devil. Meanwhile financial traders are starting to go “all-in”, that sounds very suspicious. Is America trying to manipulate the cryptocurrency market prices for its own benefit?

Bitcoin’s Controversy Fuels Popularity Even with Media Wars

In Japan cryptomarkets self-regulate, while in America we have Weiss ratings. But, it seems like everyone has their own opinions on the matter.

In an era of data breaches, ICO frauds, we also have shitcoints and flawed forks. So this is the new world eh, cryptokitties and copycats.

Cryptocurrencies are being called scams, bubbles and even gambling. But it’s clear the likes of Ethereum, NEO, Stellar and even good old Bitcoin aren’t going anywhere.

Cyberpunk Crypo world of Fraud, Data Breaches, Shitcoins and Copycat Forks in 2018

I’m not sure “regulation” is going to save us, whatever that means will depend upon the country in which you live. Meanwhile most central banks around the world are already prepping for “crypto” fiat currencies on the blockchain, that won’t be decentralized. You can put the brakes on Bitcoin, but you can’t dampen the spirit of decentralization. It’s already lit a flame in the psyche of young people all over the world who are tired of banks, tech companies and politicians playing us.

Sure, Bitcoin’s early arrival consequentially caused the technology to be somewhat immature. What we are seeing in 2018 is how Bitcoin’s value is shrinking and the other cryptocurrencies are fighting for dominance to be the heir apparent. And it’s not just Ethereum it appears.

Whatever happens Bitcoin still has an aura of being a symbol of something that is anti-establishment and revolutionary and therefore no matter how many dollars it is worth, it’s popular by defacto of being a symbol of the blockchain. You can’t clone a shitcoin and expect it to do much, but you can build the blockchain and innovate a vision that it’s sync with the values of the new generation.



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