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What is Bitcoin Private?

Cryptocurrencies are touted as the solution to moving your money freely. You have the freedom to receive and send money to whoever you want, whenever you want and for any reason you wish. However new technology means governments and other prying eyes can monitor your cryptocurrency transactions.

Using privacy coins, keeping your payments more secure from prying eyes has never been easier. Bitcoin Private is one of the few privacy coins making a name for itself thanks to its characteristics which are privacy-centric.

Bitcoin Private started on the second of March, 2018. It emerged from a fork of Bitcoin and has the perfect mix of Bitcoin and Zclassic.

Zclassic is derived from the Zcash chain. However, Zclassic never got the attention it deserved given its specific characteristics which made it unique.

That was until Bitcoin Private came into the picture. Bitcoin Private not only paid homage to Bitcoin’s security but also brought to light the unique functions of privacy from Zclassic.

Staying true to Bitcoin

Bitcoin started the trend we call cryptocurrencies. Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin created an easy to use peer to peer transaction network without any intermediaries. Bitcoin proved to be a technology which was easy to use; however, the internal workings were far beyond imagination. The verification done by network nodes through cryptography and the use of public ledger make it a one of a kind technology.

Bitcoin Private absorbs the useful technology of Bitcoin to succeed in creating a decentralized system of transactions.

Along with the inner workings of transactions, the name ‘Bitcoin’ helps grab people’s attention. Bitcoin has time and again proved to be the leader of cryptocurrencies, and with Bitcoin Private having the ‘Bitcoin’ name it helps secure trust in people.

The Mix of ZClassic

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ZClassic’s influence in Bitcoin Private is what adds privacy to the mix.

The payments are published on a public Blockchain. However, details such as the sender and recipient of the transaction are unidentifiable.

The X-Factors

Bitcoin has suffered tremendously due to its slow transaction speed. Bitcoin Private has overcome this problem by increasing its block size while remaining private and anonymous.

One of the clear advantages for Bitcoin Private is its open source nature. It gives confidence and trust to the users. The publicly available information which can be verified by anyone gives Bitcoin Private five stars in rating.

John C. Maxwell says it best, “Teamwork makes the dream work, but a vision becomes a nightmare when the leader has a big dream and a bad team.”

Bitcoin Private’s team is spread throughout the world with different strengths and unique skills. They are very committed to Bitcoin Private and ensure that they work well as a team to make a difference.

Privacy coins and their teams share a vision of giving their hearts and souls to improving the world we live in. Both may be private in nature, not exposing much to the media but are committed entirely to their values.

A privacy coin which is giving back to the world is Zixx. Zixx is a premium third generation master node cryptocurrency which offers private transactions. Zixx promotes charities to be funded by master node holders. Zixx’s motto is ‘We live to give,’ and they do just that by giving back to charity projects. Zixx is the difference the world needs right now, with a hope to feed starving children and even help women suffering from domestic violence.

Zixx is the new age United Nations. United Nations brings about a vote for a resolution to help change the world. Zixx, on the other hand, brings its investors together to help finance the neediest charity organization through Blockchain technology.

Privacy coins like Bitcoin Private and Zixx cater to ensuring that their clients, as well as their surroundings, are well taken care of.

The Risk

Bitcoin Private had to enable specific characteristics which were unique to the mix which may prove to be unpopular. However, these risks may change its fortune. As they say ‘risks pay off.’

The private key of an investor is allowed through Bitcoin Private. It means that investors can retrieve the tokens from various other digital wallets thanks to this characteristic. Not many are fans of this concept. According to the primary developer of Bitcoin Private, Rhett Creighton, forks are becoming popular, and thus the investor’s key will be helpful.

Privacy Coins are the Future

Bitcoin Private is like a strong cocktail. It is a cryptocurrency mixed with the age-old Bitcoin and the peculiar ZClassic. It is bound to give the perfect hit at the right time!

Several cryptocurrency experts and gurus of Blockchain technology believe in the characteristics of privacy coins. John McAfee, the founder of McAfee Antivirus, has pledged his support to various privacy coins including Bitcoin Private.

The Supply Limit of Bitcoin Private is capped at 21,000,000 BTCP with a Block time of 2.5 minutes.

Pure Investments LLC — We are a vibrant community of Crypto Traders and Analysts with a wealth of resources. Come and join over 12,000 other Crypto enthusiasts in our Discord server:



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