TEMCO and Gabriel Kurman (RSK) at the “Blockbattle” Conference!

It was an exciting day for the TEMCO team, being part of the conference by Blockbattle, who hosts the first ever blockchain competition show in the world.

Blockbattle is the first blockchain show to be aired on broadcast media that brought an intelligent group of blockchain professionals altogether. The show was designed for professionals to compete amongst each other for the support they need to build a foundation to start a company.

The Blockbattle Conference was held at Yongsan, Dragon City in Seoul, Korea on November 16th.

TEMCO team was at the conference to represent as the world’s first Bitcoin Smart Contract (RSK) based supply-chain data platform to inspire the contestants from the show and accommodate Gabriel Kurman from RSK, visiting Korea for the first time to make a speech at the conference and to officially support the TEMCO project.

The conference was an exciting event for the team and everyone who’ve attended. Especially for those who came by to listen to Gabriel’s speech about the “Internet of Value” (IoV) and TEMCO’s very own CEO Scott Yoon’s panel talk.

Thank you for supporting us!

Stay tuned for more announcements and exciting news about TEMCO!

“TEMCO: Supply Chain Powered by Bitcoin Network, RSK”

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