CINDX has built a world-class team of advisers with a vast amount of experience in a variety of business spheres. Their expertise has aided in making CINDX one of the most secure and accessible platforms available today.


Greenberg, Whitcombe, Takeuchi, Gibson, & Grayver LLP

Leonard Grayver is the co-chair of corporate and international law practice at Greenberg, Whitcombe, Takeuchi, Gibson & Grayver LLP, a boutique law firm with offices in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles.

Leonard earned a B.A. from University of California, Los Angeles, and a Juris Doctorate from UCLA School of Law. He has represented venture capital funds, entrepreneurs, and startup companies in diverse industries, including medical devices, software, health care, electronics, IT, and alternative energy, for almost twenty years. In the last several years, Leonard also developed a robust practice focusing on cryptocurrency law and has served as counsel in a number of token sales offerings.

Leonard brings litigation experience in a combination of international corporate and employment law to the CINDX team.

We asked Leonard what inspires him the most about CINDX.

“CINDX is an ecosystem for the profitable investment and management of assets. Each CINDX user will be able to profit by investing, operating, developing useful content, or developing trading tools.

In the modern crypto and foreign exchange markets, very few projects are prepared to offer something really valuable to their users. Now, in time of vasst unsettled legislation, even the highest-quality projects sometimes can’t earn the attention of consumers. However, the CINDX platform is doing things differently.

I am proud be a part of CINDX’ progressive team as it continues to engage in the process of realizing this platform. It’s exciting to see how people are involved in the work, creating something really important that they sincerely believe in.

I am especially glad to act as a legal adviser for CINDX because of the special attention CINDX has paid to becoming fully legally compliant. In this way (as well as many others), CINDX really stands out from its competition.”


CCINDX is an investment platform that allows individuals to combine several crypto exchange accounts into one trading terminal, and gives them the option to connect to the best managers without having to transfer their funds. Moreover, implementation of blockchain-based transactions will allow the trading history to be saved, and a rating system will be used to differentiate the successful managers from the less successful ones.

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