The digital economy is maturing and blockchain technology is changing the way we negotiate.
While some potential uses of block chain technology may be years away, the digital economy is already here. The industry needs a bridge between traditional and emerging asset classes. Specialized dealers have teamed up with experienced developers to build this bridge.
The CoinMetro platform, designed for widespread adoption, will be an all-in-one solution for cryptography aimed at increasing customer value. We deliver a robust and consumer-oriented framework that offers great mobility between digital assets based on the block chain and traditional markets.
CoinMetro’s ecosystem will have an agile and instantaneous exchange, a feature-rich tool that offers unique investment opportunities in digitized assets and a turnkey ICO Express solution. All services will be easily accessible through a streamlined web application with an impressive user interface, fully integrated with the industry’s leading block chain platforms.
In CoinMetro all the services that use our ERC20, called COIN.
It is our vision that newcomers to the Digital Economy can start buying their first Bitcoin instantly through our simple support platform. Professionally literate operators will benefit from a fast, secure and highly flexible environment that integrates familiar features into our digital asset ecosystem. CoinMetro will also offer innovative investment models, such as the Tokenized Asset Management (TAM) platform and the Exchange-Traded Crypto Fund (ETCF) aimed at providing users with one-click digital asset diversification options.
CoinMetro is not a great group of schoolboys with the big eyes that want to make a tangible concept come true. We’ve done it before. The presence of the FXPIG brand took place in 2011 with the purpose of altering what was then a sector involved in bad advertising.
FXPIG was the first firm to drive openness, the first to truly focus on its clients’ productivity, aligning their goals with their goals, and FXPIG, unlike most, invested in technology that actually works. CoinMetro intends to introduce these elements into the cryptographic space.
CoinMetro is the new block chain financial system that leverages the innovation methods of the block chain and provides a great platform for both newcomers and professional operators. If you are an investor, then you can easily get involved in cryptographic space and make your own money.

CoinMetro is not just a place for tokens; it is the platform with incredible opportunities to explore. And one of them is the BONUS strategy that the same team has developed for the first participants. Therefore, it is highly recommended to become an early investor to obtain rewards. If you have become an early adopter, you will get a bonus of 500% with the COIN value. On the other hand, you will have the ideal opportunity to receive lifetime discounts for CoinMetro and FXPIG. This excellent system supports everyone who wants reliable and solid cooperation; therefore, you can feel secure in choosing CoinMetro.
The most comprehensive Bonus structure existing in the Token Sale Ecosphere

Benefits as an internal advantage

An interesting job opportunity should come with the same benefits. Early adopters can earn up to a 500% bonus based on the final amount of COIN if during our planned tile sale event we reach our 300,000,000 COIN limit.

Much more than a simple price improvement

CoinMetro Token Sale events are exceptional because they offer stratified bonds that include not only a rising symbolic price, but also lifetime discounts for both CoinMetro and FXPIG, a commitment on our part to support the liquidity and future value of our chips, as well as access to future pre-sale sales events.

These are our goals

Pre-Token The cost of sale will start at 0.03 EUR. The price will be increased by EUR 0,02 for every 12,5 million coins sold. Hardcap is set to 50M. The price of symbolic sales will start at EUR 0,11 (if sold before the symbolic sale) and will increase by EUR 0,01 per 50 million soft capsules. The Token Sale hardcover is fixed to 300M (including the 50M of the Pre-Token Sale). The final price of COIN in the last softgel of the main Token Sale would be set at 0.15 euro cents per COIN.
CoinMetro Ecosystem
The CoinMetro platform, which offers a simple interface designed for most users, is intended to serve as a conduit between traditional financial activities and digital asset management.
a multifaceted ecosystem will streamline three of the main components of the digital society: a market platform, a trading platform and a comprehensive ICO Express framework.

Working in parallel with FXPIG, CoinMetro plans to offer a wide range of services not previously available in the same entity. A scalable, user-driven framework will allow new traders to invest in cryptocurrencies with a few clicks on the exchange, while the trading platform will be equipped with a robust tool designed to meet the demands of professional investors. This vision of the CoinMetro ecosystem encourages progress and collaboration, with the will to provide companies with a complete ICO Express solution for project development.
By establishing a stable banking relationship, CoinMetro aims to offer an agile and secure payment process in cryptographic and fiat currencies. In addition to a wide range of familiar features, CoinMetro plans to implement a unique bonus program for COIN buyers and suppliers.
The trading solutions, carefully configured to fit the contours of the digital asset environment.
Token Sale — COIN
Total Currency Supply
500,000,000,000 COIN
Breakdown of the total distribution of COIN
50% via Token Sale
20% Liquidity
10% CoinMetro Team & Shareholders* 10
7.5% Community compensation
2.5% Remuneration Advisers
10% Public Pre-sales
This COIN transfer is intended to be blocked for the first 6 months after the distribution date, and will be assigned for a period of 24 months. CoinMetro team members will receive 25% of their tokens 6 months from the date of distribution, and then receive 25% every 6 months.
Breakdown of contributions to the sale of pre-fiches and donations to the sale of tokens:
40% Platform development, HR
30% Marketing
20% War chest; possible purchases, acquisitions, acquisitions, acquisitions, etc.
10% Legal, Compliance, Regulatory
Kevin Murcko

Timur Khakimov
Lead Developer

Anton Corbijn
Blockchain Senior Developer

Rory Baxter.
Senior Web Application Developer

DunHao Zhuang
Senior Front End Developer

Zheming Jin

Senior Front End Developer

Giovanni Ziccardi
Marketing Team Leader

Biljana Kukeska
Senior Social Media Specialist

Mikko Kauhanen
Senior Digital Growth Specialist

Sylvain Legay

Senior Client eXperience AI

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