For a new and curious investor, the blockchain industry is a very technical one, but for an experienced investor, the blueprint and technical details of the crypto currency market make the global Internet system simple and profitable. This makes it clear that market economists are working on various mechanisms to expand the online market and make the blockchain industry more competitive and lucrative. In my curiosity to use an efficient platform for investing in blockchain companies, I came across With one click, I was redirected to one of the most systematic blockchain brands in the world dedicated to reviving the entire crypto-currency market.

The CREDITS platform is a dispersed financial system where participants and users can interact and discuss through a peer-to-peer approach. Unlike other blockchain platforms that investors have known so far, CREDITS allows participants to consolidate into one unified website while offering and simultaneously using one service. The platform provides you with efficient, fast and technological management of transaction data without the need for intermediate traders. This will also allow participants to relate and monitor their results relatively.

As a unique investment and brand platform, CREDIT has its own Cryptocurrency Credit (CS). This is a very innovative and innovative work, especially given the market demand and 21st century reality that offer reality. This is a new idea in blockchain technology, smart contracts and modern world data protocols. This is an entirely new system where users can create and customize services that enhance and consolidate the Blockgain Operandi mode.

In addition to efficient data management of financial transactions best offered with the CREDITS, smart contracts have been modified and ultimately simplified. Through a process that allows subscribers to have full rights to content, the platform has progressively broken the previously tedious process of the “old” smart contracting system, which was slow and expensive. The logic and rules of the Smart Contract Framework are strictly enforced to enable full implementation of a transaction.

In December 2017, the ICO and the placement on the stock exchanges enter into force. In March 2018, the alpha version will be released and will be preceded by the introduction of the Platform’s “First Users”. By June 2018, the platform will be released and new services and features will be added. 230, 632 USD has already been sold from the PRE-ICO whitelist from the last count …

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There is absolutely no way to describe the CREDITS and utensils in one piece. To get more information and knowledge about the CREDITS first-hand, you can download the White Paper at

More information can be obtained if you go to the following poses:

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