1. Bitcoin Rally Leads Cryptocurrency Market Above $330 Billion

Bitcoin surged past $8,400 on Sunday for the first time since Mar. 25, extending its five-day rally to 20%. It would later consolidate at $8,280 per coin for a gain of 4.6% and a total market cap of $140 billion. With the gain, bitcoin has rebounded nearly 30% from the Apr. The dramatic surge in the price of altcions is a firm indicator that the bull market is making a comeback. Read more at Hacked.

2. CNBC Fast Money’s Brian Kelly: Bitcoin Is Like The ‘Internet In The 1980s’

Brian Kelly of CNBC’s Fast Money compared cryptocurrency to the “Internet in the 1980s,” emphasizing that Bitcoin (BTC) is still in its early stages. Kelly compares Bitcoin to early Internet companies Cisco and Microsoft, equating Bitcoin with Cisco’s router and Internet protocols. Read more at CoinTelegraph.

3. An Ethereum Blockchain Is Restoring the Identity of Syrian Refugees

Just as Syria has gotten the world’s attention for a suspected horrific chemical attack on its citizens, refugees who have fled the war-torn nation for refuge in bordering Jordan have stumbled upon a humanitarian program using cutting-edge blockchain technology to keep their data private. It’s dubbed Building Blocks, and it’s been developed by the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) alongside some industry partners. Read more at CCN.

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