There are about 300 to 500 million people globally interested in joining the Cryptocurrency world but broad adoption of digital currencies for real world use cases is hindered due to many fundamental issues. Some of them are inherent, others are timely and the rest are subject to technological approach towards Crypto.

The cryptocurrency market is largely fragmented and difficult to navigate for the uninformed. Exchanges are many, with coins or tokens distributed amongst them. Fiat gateways often make it hard to obtain a specific coin without buying another coin on the way through and wallets are numerous and sometimes confusing for the newcomers. This creates a real barrier to entry and extra unpublished transaction cost for many potential investors.

Cryptov8 aims to change the way we use Crypto. They provide a viable solution to using cryptocurrencies across the entire market. Their technology platform and digital assets will improve the adoption and usage globally. Once authorized in the United Kingdom, they will use bank regulation & security for all of their Crypto banking services.

🔔 Introducing Cryptov8

Cryptov8 will be a UK domiciled and authorized bank using blockchain technology to bridge the gap between crypto banking and traditional banking products and services. Cryptov8 technology platforms and digital assets will enhance adoption and usage of cryptocurrencies globally. The Cryptov8 project extends far beyond any existing ‘Crypto Banking’ services that exist today. Not only they will have a universal account and wallet, Cryptov8 intend to streamline certain challenges that customers regularly confront, which will ultimately create the best possible route for adoption of cryptocurrencies. The Cryptov8 team aims to bridge these currently disparate worlds to provide consumers with the most stretched out choices and top of the line customer services.

Cryptov8 will be launching a universal account and universal wallet that manages both FIAT and cryptocurrencies. For the purpose, CRV8 will be utilized to empower Cryptov8 customers and give them access to key assets and products that will benefit them in the crypto market. Further, Cryptov8 will be launching a series of tools, products, incentives and the CRV8 token will give their customers access to those assets.

Let’s take a look one by one to some of those proposed assets.

📇 CryptoEduc8📇 CryptoG8Participation in the cryptocurrency market is not as widespread as it should be. CryptoEduc8 enables customers to start their Crypto journey by providing starter guides, free instructive materials and connecting noobs with industry influencers.One of the key hindrances to the cryptocurrency market is specialist entry points for FIAT currency. There are only a bunch of exchanges that accept FIAT deposits. CryptoG8 allows you to have a direct integration to some of these exchanges from a your a/c page.📇 CryptoMotiv8📇 CryptoRemuner8Cryptov8 will take steps such as Preferential payment fees for transfers, Attractive Forex rates, and Debit card trx settlement to mitigate a portion of those expenses surrounding crypto and encourage the use of crypto.Cryptov8 will compensate people for their investment in digital currencies by means of Bonus rewards and preferential interest rates for saving account holders.📇 CryptoCred8📇 CryptoVaultCryptoCred8 allows you to earn some extra money from your credit balances by P2P Lending or Blockchain SME Lending. Now you can lend against your crypto holding.CryptoVault is your trusted custodian. It has the ability to store your cryptocurrencies, documents, agreements, private keys and addresses.📇 CryptoCollabor8📇 CryptoCommunic8If you are an organization interested in FinTech, CryptoCollabor8 is for you. You can use the APIs/Apps to integrate, enter a partnership or implement their contactless POS payments using cryptocurrencies.Cryptocommunic8 is a cognitive learning bot that will be available for you 24/7 inside a customer’s online or mobile banking portal. Consider it your best friend in times of need.

🔊 Many have tried, many have failed!

We know that many have tried and many have failed on delivering their promises to bring the Banking into Blockchain. But none of them had the requisite background in FinTech or traditional Financial/Banking world to pull it off. In that context, Cryptov8 has a unique advantage. Cryptov8 will be a UK authorized and regulated bank, exposed to some of the world’s elevated levels of regulatory scrutiny and prerequisites. Cryptov8 will transpose best industry practices to the cryptocurrency market so that it can lead the path in becoming a emphatically reputable and trusted custodian in the industry, protecting its customers and promoting responsible conduct.

There is clear evidence that banking regulators, governments and legislators across the world have begun reacting to what they perceive as fundamental risks facing individual or retail investors. Numerous have already publicly expressed their intentions to apply regulation to elements of the ecosystem. Whilst controlling financial and political institutions seek to impose some authority on the cryptocurrency market, there are many examples of governments, countries and regulators embracing the movement and understanding that the underlying blockchain technology is a vital advancement for financial services and community in general.

Law enforcement departments, in general, are understanding that cryptocurrency is not all about illicit payments, it has a value and it has a legitimate purpose. It’s just a matter of spending time explaining it, understanding what their concerns are, making them feel comfortable that we are mitigating those concerns, and that we have the right controls in place — Said Nick Rosenberg, CTO Metropolitan Commercial Bank.

Cryptov8 is poised to take advantage of its unique position and is confident that it will keep up the support of banking regulators. They are working with people who are advising the G20, IMF and ECB on creating guidance and best practices.

✅ ICO Overview

Prior to ICO there will be a whitelisting period (started a day ago), followed by a 2-week Pre-ICO period and then a 2-month ICO period. The price per CRV8 token during the Pre-ICO period will be 0.0002089 ETH and subsequently in the ICO period will rise up to 0.0002315–0.0002646 ETH.

Summary of Whitelisting and Token Sale

There will be a total of 1 Billion tokens, 750 Million of which will be available for public sale. Here’s a breakdown of the distribution:

Amount(%)Distribution Target75% CRV8Public Sale10% CRV8Liquidity Reserve10% CRV8Launch and Operational Team3% CRV8Bounty Campaigns2% CRV8Advisors Share

You can buy Cryptov8 tokens with your Ethereum or Bitcoin or any other FIAT currency for the time being. Please know that payment methods other than Ethereum are handled manually.

💰 How to buy CRV8

As mentioned in the ‘ICO Overview’ section, Cryptov8 is in the early Whitelisting phase meaning that the CRV8 tokens are not available for sale yet. But you can whitelist and get yourself a REFERRAL CODE along with an early access to the Pre-ICO period. Once the Pre-ICO period is live you should be the first one to get notified and given a premium access to the buy portal.

In the meantime you can whitelist yourself and promote your referral code to earn a 5% share from your referrals. Here’s how you can whitelist;

Go to Cryptov8 Webpage, click the

button, enter your name, email address, expected amount to invest(estimate), Ethereum wallet address, country of origin, check the two boxes, enter the ReCaptcha and hit the Submit button. Now check your email address for the notification. The notification should have a referral code for you along with the confirmation note.

🏆 Verdict

This is no longer a secret that the traditional Banking giants intentionally made Bitcoin look vulnerable by passing on reckless comments in the Crypto circles and media giants. Of course it was expected, but they came at a time when the Crypto community was the least equipped for such rash comments.

It’s a no-brainer that cryptocurrencies and Blockchain is the tech of the century (so far) and can not be avoided for long even if you are an adversary. You don’t have to look too far, take the example of JP Morgan and countless others.

No matter how strongly you advocate for Cryptocurrencies and it’s use in general, you still need the banks to enter the market. It may be considered as an undesired route but since cryptocurrencies are not regarded as legal tenders, what options do you have?

This is where Cryptov8 comes into play.

What if you could get Banking on the Blockchain? What if you could lend/borrow on the Blockchain? What if you could buy/sell directly in your desired FIAT-Crypto without buying Bitcoin or any other major currency first. And what if someone were to bridge the gap between Banking and Blockchain for you to increase the mass adoption and merchants services worldwide?

That’s exactly what Cryptov8 team intends to take on. We all know the ever expanding massive potential in Cryptobanking industry. The immensely experienced team of Cryptov8 holds the requisite skills to pull off this ambitious project. Each of the team member have at least a 20 year FinTech experience and a proven track record. Don’t just take my words for it, go and google yourself.

I guess that’s pretty much it. If you would like to know more, read the Whitepaper here or visit any of the following resources for additional help.


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