Today, we will kick off a series of weekly dev diaries regarding the Blocklancer platform. We intend to keep feeding you with more information every week until the release!

In this first dev diary, we will discuss about the soon to come Whitepaper update. It will come with many improvements which are soon going to be implemented in the Alpha Version. Those changes are mostly regarding the Tokenholder Tribunal. As well as ways to secure it from fraud and to give everyone the highest possible incentive to make educated votes on disputes.

Whitepaper, Yellowpaper, Bluepaper, ICOpaper?

In the last week we increased the size our whitepaper quite a bit. It already reached such a size that we decided to split it up in a Whitepaper, Yellowpaper, Bluepaper and an ICOpaper.

  • The Whitepaper (~15 pages), except of a few small changes, it essentially stays the same as is now.
  • The Bluepaper (~40 pages) on the other hand will be an expanded form of the Whitepaper which will explain the processes regarding the Blocklancer platform in far more detail. It tries to do so in a non-technical way that not only tech savvy people can understand it.
  • The Yellowpaper (~15 pages) is intended for those of our community members which want far more in depth knowledge about our platform regardless of complexity. It will explain the implementation and processes in far more detail so there won’t remain any unanswered questions. It’s definitely not intended for the average user.
  • The ICOpaper does what the name suggests, it explains the whole ICO process. We decided to remove the ICO part from the Whitepaper because the Whitepaper should be more about the platform in general.

There are still so many more things to talk about at the moment. We changed many small things here and there, talked to many great people. But do not worry there are still many dev diaries to come. If you like what we are doing please share the story with your friends 🙂

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