= Problem =

In this era of globalization and our current journey, modest forms of payment have become much more problematic to discover. This is mainly due to the large number of existing currencies. Every day, millions of people travel, exchange currencies and forced to pay for ‘spread’ (the difference between the buy and sell rates that allow parties such as large banks and the cash market to generate profits). For example, a simple transaction could be a spread, as high as 12% of the total transaction value, and may have to go through a number of intermediaries, where individuals should always pay. Even service providers, trying to minimize the number of parties involved, simply by knowing that they can then earn more, because a larger percentage of spread approaches them. Other than that, there is no global or universal currency for people who travel often — they must always rise back and forth between currencies, exchange it for it often, and only accept their losses at all times. One standard currency, which can be used to pay for products in the same way in France, Canada, China and the United Kingdom, is completely absent.

= The solution =

eBit Payment LLC, offers exchanges, including crypto currency exchange, without unnecessary third parties. Payment of eBites will also offer its own token. We are gradually planning to extend the use of our tokens — via ebit coins. Generally, the intended purpose and effect is to have only one party in the middle — payment of eBits. That means currency exchange with spreads as small as a maximum of 0.99%, which is compared to some other solutions, dozens fewer times. Internally, each user account will appear in a crypto ebit currency and all transactions will be sent to one of the user-specified currencies, which includes various crypto-supported currencies. To achieve this, each time a user needs to pay using a supported FIAT currency, transactions are credited to their account using ebit coins, which are automatically exchanged, in real time, and delivered directly to the destination of the transaction. The whole procedure is automated, and completely transparent to the user, just like any other payment method. But, eBit Payment will be completed instantaneously.

Vision — eBit Payment — the solution to your payment problems in modern society

eBit Payment offers a solution to the above problem — this is the first system that links payments in the classic FIAT currency with crypto currency. We have dubbed it, a private online currency changer in the form of payment cards.

The basic function of eBit Payment — its products and infrastructure

eBit Payment is a project, which includes the following solutions:

• Multi currency wallet

• Real time exchange with access to currency exchange rates

• Multi currency currency payment card

• Online payments

• Business applications

• Cooperative environment.

= Why us ?

The eBit Payment Team, as you read this document, actively deals with online currency exchange. Our IT technicians have been working for Liberty GLOBAL and Bank of Austria in the past. They have gained experience

through our partnership with crypto currency BIT.NXT INTERNATIONAL LLC. The eBit Payment system was created to transact between crypto-currency and bank markets, with transaction costs cheaper than

0.99%, for all our users. Our experience with financial markets and much debate with leading figures in the crypto currency company, led us to believe that there is a strong need to create an integrated global system, which will significantly facilitate all pay-related processes. One system, one app, multiple possibilities, FIAT currency, crypto currency; all in one place. Our project, eBit Payment has been approved by several qualified professionals worldwide. The team at eBit Payment consists of crypto fans, who daily use the crypto-currency itself. All IT professionals with great financial market knowledge.

= Distribution of funds =

While your eBit Payment investments raise funds, you make a profit. We want the best for our users, so we’ve set up a detailed outline of how we plan to raise money:

Development — 30%

  • Expansion of existing platforms involves costs such as hardware, employee salaries (including bonuses, incentive proof packets), provision of external assistance such as pentester, and office space.

Additional workforce — 10%

  • eBit Payment intends to grow rapidly, so we need to hire new employees in the following areas: Marketing, Finance and Legal Finance, HR, Administration and Customer Service.

Marketing — 10%

  • In order for the platform to work properly and be recognized by a wider audience, it must be available to users, so we’re willing to spend 10% on costs associated with marketing expansions. With more users, more feedback appears, and with feedback, our ability to customize and solve problems more quickly for our users. It is important that we create a broad society using our platform.

Smooth market and network — 35%

  • Financial markets are not the simplest sector to work on the inside. We need funds to collaborate with other companies in the industry to make transactions as quickly as possible. But, this will be beneficial in the long term, as this will open up new opportunities for easier financial interaction within the platform in the future

Licensing, integration and partnership: 15%

  • As eBit Payment LLC, we need to invest in software licenses, incur additional costs associated with issuance of payment cards and also bear the burden of “patching” the gap between the crypto currency and the traditional currency.

= Sales order Token =

The token sale will last 28 days.

It will start on November 24, 2017, at 00:00.

Delaware Time, and will last until December 22, 2017, or until it reaches the target number — $ 21.6 million.

The number and time of a token sale is limited, which means that after a certain period of time or after the inventory runs out, the token will no longer be sold.

After this period, it is only possible to buy eBookcoins in the crypto currency market.

= Schedule =

  • Maximum number of “ebit” tokens generated 210 000 000
  • Number of tokens sold 120 million
  • Starting from pre-sale 24/11 / 2017
  • Pre-Sale Termination 22/12/2017
  • Estimated time of stock market entry 05/01/2018
  • Estimated token price after entering crypto currency exchange 0.96 USD.

= Roadmap =

I Q 2018

Payment of eBits goes into the market

eBit Payment enters the market at the closing price of ICO, which is 0.48 $

EBook Payment Application

The eBook Payment App goes to the market

The app will contain:

• Multi currency wallet with base FIAT currency and crypto currency

• Currency exchange — in testing phase

The first eBit Payment LLC branch in London

The opening of the first eBit Payment LLC branch in London

Conclusion of contract with BIT.NXT

Conclusion contract with BIT.NXT INTERNATIONAL LLC — a crypto-based crypto mine based in Madison,

Wisconsin, USA for a transfer of EUR 100 million.

The launch of payment services for the first crypto currency trading platform

II Q 2018

Currency Exchange Payments eBooks

Memperluas eBit Payment online Currency Exchanger

This app will include:

• Multi-currency wallet with a large amount of crypto and more than 40 FIAT currencies, the token will

included in App

• Currency Exchanger Online will exchange Crypto and FIAT currency exchange.

eBit Payment launches the second contract with crypto currency

Payment Card eBits *

Launch the eBook Payment Card and provide it with more currencies.

An error notification system will be introduced and the card can be issued for the application.

III Q 2018

Introduction to App cost management

Introduction of mobile application cost management for corporate and employee costs

I Q 2019

Bonus Points Payment eBooks

Implementation of point and bonus system into eBit Payment App

IV Q 2019

Business Payment of eBites

We will begin working on eBit Payment Business, a business payment system with a virtual accountant extension.

* Date depends on external factors, such as payment card providers.

= Further information :

website :http://ebit-payment-ico.com/

Whitepaper :http://ebit-payment-ico.com//whitepaper.pdf

Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/eBitICO

Twitter :https://twitter.com/ebit_coin

Telegram :https://t.me/joinchat/GTbnmkiSz03Y4XaawwcJVQ

NAME BTT : tono68



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