EtherGreen is a global community based in Ethereum. The team made a group that will be whole and care about nature preservation. 
EtherGreen is a small group of co-thinkers trying to have their say. They have it upon themselves as a conviction that create GREEN token the problem of the earth’s suffering is partly solved to an extent. As a people with a vision, the target is to create a community that will be a whole body to implement change and care about nature preservation.

Not at all like other Cryptocurrency projects like this won’t be obtained before one can be a piece of this life-saving train. Rather, associations and sponsorships can help on this issue later on. EtherGreen is a token under the Ethereum (ERC-20) smart contract it has the vision to improve our planet a place with the blend of blockchain technoogy, Ethergreen can make a gigantic group where individuals meet up to discuss nature.

Deforestation causes stepwise destruction of our planet. And pollution kills people right now. The environmental pollution takes its devastating toll not only on our planet, but also on human beings. 40% of people worldwide die because of environmental pollution, namely, polluted water, soil and air.

These environmental problems, along with rapid population growth, lead to a rise in the number of diseases, according to the press release of Cornell University. Few people pay attention to this. It is imperative to communicate the severity of the problem to the general public.

EtherGreen don’t guarantee to handle these issues for the last time, They are only a small group of co-thinkers seeking to make our world a better place and seek after to make a group ready to tackle contamination issues, beginning low. Organizations and sponsorships will help us in this issue in what’s to come.

November 2017- Introducing GREEN token,Announcing Airdrop, launching registration,Closing registration,Distributing tokens.

December 2017- Creating a forum for community support,Distribution of duties,Searching for partners, sponsors.

2018 Q1-Q2- Creating GREEN universal wallet,Opening the first store GREEN Wallet,Establishing a foundation for nature protection, Taking part in charity.
(This is a small part of what the team want right now, The road map will be expanded.)

The Ethereum token standard (ERC20) which is used for Ethereum smart contracts will be implemented.

Also, the total supply of GREEN (which is the program’s official token) is 45,000,000.


Username BTT:luckylucky.



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