Hallo all, On this good occasion I will explain about Project Experty.io and for that Here is the Review:

Blockchain technology is widely considered by experts and scientists to be the most revolutionary technology since the discovery of the internet. We all use the Internet, and we are all grateful for the great opportunities it has given us. No one can deny it.

But when it comes to block-chain technology, not many people seem to fully understand the benefits of blockbuster technology and how it can change the way we live our lives.

Probably because block-chain technology is still in its early stages and not as easily accessible to the public as the internet today. However, many chain-based block companies plan to change it by offering real-world solutions to help bring the power of block-chain technology into the mainstream.

Introducing Experty
Experty.io is a revolutionary block-paid, call platform, enabling consultants to easily share and monetize their knowledge with almost anyone in the world with access to Internet connections and Experty services.

Simply put, Experty.io is Skype 2.0 with more sophisticated yet easy features, and is supported by the revolutionary infrastructure of block-chain technology.

Some people like to call it ‘Uber of knowledge sharing’, it is a great metaphor as well.

What problems can be overcome?
In a world of information where access to industry knowledge is priceless and consultants are paid handsomely for their expertise, it becomes a necessity to develop better market solutions for the industry.
Every day, millions (if not billions) of people around the world pay access to knowledge and information providers.
Here’s how Experty explains the information and consulting industry issues in their official magazine:

Information is exchanged with money every day around the world, but current tools are impractical, expensive, and inefficient.

Experty plans to disrupt the mainstream consulting industry by developing cost-effective, cost-effective blockchain applications that use the original platform cryptourrency called EXY for peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions.

Knowledge seekers and knowledge providers around the world will be able to use cutting-edge advanced decentralization applications to exchange information about cryptocurrency without the confusion or need to provide personal contact information.

As a digital marketing consultant myself, the entire payment handling process and the time required for consultation and others seem too much.

And I’m sure many people must feel the same, it’s usually difficult for knowledge providers to share their knowledge and get paid properly without being scammed or unfairly charged by scammers.

I also have friends in the industry who are struggling with this too; most often we end up on the phone with clients for 30–60 minutes sharing valuable information to later find out that we will not actually get paid for this because the client thinks that this is a “free” consultation! Aaaa amazing !!!

And also from a consumer perspective or knowledge seeker, there is no guarantee that you will actually receive the kind of information you want from a knowledge provider, of course some knowledge provider or consultant asks for a prepayment before jumping to the phone. , but again this is a big risk to knowledge seekers because you may not receive a refund if you are not satisfied with this service.

Fortunately, with the help of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and Expertly — 99% of these issues between knowledge seekers and knowledge providers will be solved in ways that were never possible.

With the help of blockchain technology, trustless-based models and peer-to-peer unauthorized transactions (P2P) as well as Expertly’s innovative and up-to-date approach that can help tie these together together we can ultimately have services / applications. connecting the knowledge ecosystem and making knowledge exchange easy and affordable for global knowledge and seekers.

I would not be very surprised at the huge demand for Experty not only in the crypto-curve space, but also other B2C and B2B industries that rely heavily on knowledge to operate.

Expert consultants and knowledge providers whether they are blockists, lawyers or marketing professionals can take advantage of Expertly’s easy-to-follow and confusing Expert service to offer and charge for their consulting services without having to rely on other trust-based and expensive sound and video applications .

In conclusion, I am very bullish and optimistic about the future of Experty, there has never been such a service, there is absolutely no competition from other applications in the blockchain technology room, and this can be a big advantage for Experty to achieve it. global scale and wider user adoption.

ICO Information
Important Date: December 17 — ICO Begins
Token Amount: 100 Million
Cap: 33000 ETH (~ USD $ 15 million)
Token Type: ERC-223 token in Ethereal block
Token Symbol: EXY
Exchange Rate: 1000 EXY = 1 ETH
Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/metua2p

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