Conducting online currency trading in Bangladesh is a profitable business for many. However, despite the allure of this enterprise, there are significant risks at each step of the way, with the currency trends flowing up and down constantly. While professionals in the business may survive without a helping hand, beginners to the field may benefit from some innovative trading tools. Here are some of the commonly used systems that amateurs can use to upgrade their game.

Excel Trader

To operate on this tool, one needs a sound understanding of Microsoft Excel. It enables a trader to synchronize MS Excel into the trading platform. As a result, the prices on the platform are transferred to the Excel platform, and the data is used to raise charts for analyzing performance. The trader can use these charts to institute a more strategic plan for his transactions.

Market Sentiment

This is a greatly innovative system, designed to view the performance of other traders in a single dashboard. The tool’s advantage is that you get insight into the short and long positions that others hold, thereby helping you make your own decision on the transaction.

Trading Terminal

This is especially useful for traders who indulge in ‘Scalping’. The tool allows you to remain in contact with more than one item at a time. More than one currency pairs can be worked on from the same window with the help of this tool.

Forex Calendar

The aim of this program is to keep traders updated with whatever is happening on the market. The calendar brings together news relating to world economies, as well as events relevant to the Forex platform. Currency values of the previous day, along with the expected value for the next day, are posted as well, giving traders a useful insight.

Meta-Trader 4 Supreme Edition

A more high-value version of the Meta-trader 4, this software allows traders to access the Forex platform through their computer as well as various devices. Overall, it augments the experience and reduces hassle for traders.

Correlation Matrix

This tool helps to detect currencies placed on a similar plane of value. Traders can thereby map out their strategies with more care, and enter trades with a more responsible approach. This system is of specific benefit to people with lesser experience.


Autochartist is a tool used primarily for analyzing the market. It uses in-depth graphic presentations to unearth patterns, as well as other elements essential for your trade.

Besides the help of software and computerized tools, the presence of knowledgeable minds is also vital to success in this business. For beginners to the Bangladesh Forex, teaming up with a global brokerage firm can elevate your chances of success. WesternFX is among the leading players in the business, having been named the best broker in Asia recently. Contact us to have your market prospects raised to the next level.



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