Good morning traders. I’m back on the road to FOREX freedom this week with another report. We are trying a different strategy but the idea stays the same. Each week I share my weekly paper trading progress as we build up a consistent enough approach to going live again on NADEX, OANDA, and other legacy trading platforms. Hop in and let’s go for a ride. Be sure to leave your questions and comments below as we go.

Last week we saw a profit of $615. Started the week with $10,842. Ended with $11,457.

The strategy last week was to buy an OTM strike at a price that was $30 or less. Once the position was open, a Take Profit price was set to take $40–50 dollars. A total of $184.5 was at risk over 6 Positions.

This week the strategy was to set my prices in expectation for pullbacks before a continuation of trend or momentum. After an order is open I plan to let it run to expiry this week. I placed a total of 9 orders. 3 positions are open. 6 are still working. Orders were placed on forex pairs, indices, and gold. The orders may not get triggerd at all, but that is the strategy this week. So let it ride.

The NADEX platform did not open for business til today, Tuesday, due to the Monday Holiday, so London had a head start on the week. This in part altered out strategy. What is your forex strategy?

$11,457 | February 20, 2017

$583 at play over 9 Trades

Before Trades . Available $11,457

Current Trades . Available $10,874

Working Orders

Open Positions

Week 2 ~
 Week 1 ~



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