Carlos Lontro

Hi Investors,

Since we started this year the account was traded according to the real conditions. This means that positions and exposure where never increased ahead of expected constant deposits that would increase margin and allow a safe trading aiming for much higher returns in forehand. I recognize it is hard to vet investors and to expect them to budget and plan ahead their future investments with a conservative number they can stick with. This planning alone requires some deep understanding of our personal finances and budget and having an emergency fund to cover a few month’s expenses. I also recognize most of new investors don’t like to have cash sitting aside as it feels they are missing out profits.

The above reasons lead me to change the Silver Pamm trading conditions in 2019 to a conservative approach of fixed assets/deposits, instead of the more aggressive approach of increasing exposure of future expected deposits. Also having only part of investors committed and staying on the aggressive strategy would cause imbalances for the the non-committed.

In January we started making our new profits for 2019 with a 5.1% profit increase.

In February we made 7.2% profits.

In March we made 9.8% profits with the markets moving quite a lot and sideways (optimal conditions for our strategy).

In April we closed the month with no profits. The markets rallied a lot in one direction and we actually made almost as much profits as in February but the drawdown started to increase slightly and I used all profits for rebalancing a few positions in case the markets would not correct and overexpose the account.

In May the markets basically stopped with uncertainties about forward guidance of central banks and the volatility did met just a few times the minimum required movements for taking profits, banking only 0.5% profits.

In June volatility picked back up after the markets pricing in a future recession ahead and we closed the month with 4.7% profits.

The month of July already banked some profits, 0.6% as of today and the drawdown is around 11%.

I felt this detailed report was due. Regards our near future I will keep things as they are right now, safe and switching from banking profits or rebalancing as I see fit. Deposits are allowed and will increase your participation accordingly.

I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart.
I hope to hear some feedback
Best regards,

11 of July 2019



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