Hi Friends ! Here I am with revolutionary blockchain project, who is going to revolutionize the Music Business (Include Global Concerts and other music events) and Crpto World too. Yeah Friends it is true! Today I’ll explain how it is possible and how this solution is going to solves the issues we have with the Global Concerts.

But let me explain 1st what are the current need we have with existing Global Concerts and Music Industry. If you are new on my blog and if you don’t know much about HeardBeats Platform / HBT Crypto Currency. Please go through the previous introductory post on “HeardBeats”.

HeardBeats Platform Introduction & Why it is needed

HeardBeats Awesome Project & Awesome Team

HeardBeats 360 * Virtual Reality Experience

Current Situation of Global Concert Business :-

Since Year 1996 so many people started taking interest in music & they have started attending these concerts in huge no. This trend kept on increasing since that time. Below Figure shows the increasing no. attendees every year for these Global Concerts.

According to the study done by HeardBeats Team, towards the end of year 2015 for Adele’s concert, approximately 10 million people have registered to buy the “ Concert Tour Tickets” (The Fans were willing to buy tour tickets). But due to limited availability of resources and space concert organizers sold limited tickets, just because of which only 1 million Fans got the tickets out of 10 million fans. Whereas the Fans were willing to purchase the tickets.
Similar was the case with the concert of Harry Styles and with so many other singers and bands too. eg. :- Bebe Rexha, Guns N’ Roses, David Guetta & many more. So we require a solution which can offer unlimited no. of Concert’s Ticket for these fans & Space for attending these concerts.

Current Needs of Global Concert Business :-

With so many platforms and so many technological advancements too, Fans and Music Lovers are still unable to attend these Global Concerts and these Band Competitions. People are ready to travel and pay for these concerts. For this people have to purchase tickets again and again. Then they have to be present @ concerts venue, which could be in other country. But all this is going to cost a lot to these Fan & so many other problem are here which may prevent the fans and music lovers from attending the concerts of their Favorite Singer or band. Some of these reason are :-

Limited no. of concert ticket

Geographic Location

People with Mobility Challenges or Illnesses.
But Thank God ! We are in comfort zone now with “HeardBeats Revolutionary Platform”. Heardbeats Team have understood our problem, They have got best cost effective solution as per requirements. Now we don’t have to see the 2-D recorded concert as we can feel the live concerts with the help HeardBeat live streaming of concerts. ‘PPV & On demand concerts’ makes life pretty easy for us Music Lovers.

What is HeardBeats Project ?

Let’s dig little bit deeper in the HeardBeats Platform. Heardbeats is an Ideal project for Music Industry. 1st HeardBeats Team has provided best Global Concert experience to its user by emerging their live streaming with 360° Virtual Reality Gadget. 2nd They have integrated this edge seeking VR technology with the Heardbeats tokens (Crypto Currency) which provide best costeffective solution to their user. Heardbeats project has diminished physical and fiat currency barriers that we had with the traditional live concerts. Now all music lovers are going to get huge benefit from Heardbeat’s virtual reality technology and Crypto Currency platform.”

Here is a small introductory video about HeardBeats Platform.

What Difference HeardBeats Plaform makes?

There are so many advantages that HeardBeats Platform is has offered to Global Concert Business. Team Heardbeats has provided most cost effective & innovative tool to music industry. HeardBeats platform is integration of latest VR and Blockchain technology. This whole combination of Best Visual Technology with cost effective cryptocurrency going to change the Concert Lovers experience.
This entire concept has removed all the physical boundaries with best VR technology and with CryptoCurrency platform. Two major advantages that HeardBeats platform have offered are :-

Offers Unlimited Tickets to Concerts Lover :-

Heardbeats offers unlimited concerts tickets to its user which are shown below. If participants are willing to travel, then they can go to live concerts at cost effective with Concert Tour Package at affordable price @HeardBeats. If you don’t have time to visit the live concert don’t worry you are at right place. With HeardBeats Token unlimited Fans can enjoy Live Concerts at its best remotely too. AT HeardBeats Platform you can opt for two option :-
1 . Live multi-camera Setup:-

These Camera Setup will be transmitting these Global-concerts live @ 4K ( Full HD Resolution). Now you also have the freedom to select the camera and View of angle. Ie. you can control these camera as want. Which takes the user experience to entirely to new heights by providing concert experience @ your own hands.

2 . 360º Strreaming of content with Virtual Reality :-

With virtual reality device, now you can enjoy and feel the best Global Concerts with Heardbeats platform. The VR Cameras will be at the center point of the concert’s venue, so you will have the same position on VR device. With this you enjoying a 360º unframed experience with high quality surround sound. If want have a VR device, Just login to HeardBeats Site and you can place order for Heardbeats official website https://heardbeats.com , once ICO gets over.

No Geographic Location Barrier with HeardBeats Platform :-

With HeardBeats Platfrom now we can get the Live musical experience of these Global Concerts in real time, from anywaher in the world. With HeardBeats platform users will be able to feel the live experience remotely as they are physically present at concert location.

The Technical Secs and Working of the HeardBeat’s System.

Here is HeardBeats Talented team :-

HeardBeats Platform have talented member in their team, their skill set AV Expertise in Field of Global Concerts, virtual reality and blockchain technology expertise. Please Welocme Team HeardBeats :-

Roadmap of the HeardBeats Team :-


Heardbeats Token Accessibility :-

Heardbeats have provided user friendly platform to fans and for other users and investors too in the form of “HeardBeats tokens”. These token are the official crypto currency for Heardbeats platform. User can purchase the concert tickets by Heardbeats tokens. With this official currency can buy HeardBeat VR Headset too at lowest price.

Hi Friends and Concert Fans, here is the details of the Pre ICO and Public ICO.

Awesome Heardbeats Tokens Bounty Offer : –

Total Token for sale during ICO — 80%.
For Heardbeats Team and future advisors — 17%
For Bounty campaign participants -3% of tokens are reserved.

Awesome reward offered by Team HeardBeats for the Bounty program. Here is the details of the Bounty program:-

• Twitter (10%)
• Facebook (10%)
• Bitcointalk (30%)
• Bitcointalk translation (15%)
• Content campaign (20%)
• Publication in sector-specific platforms (especially, but not exclusively, for reporters) (15%)


Hi Friends and Concert Fans! who ever is Lover of these Concerts like me, get ready to join me on Heardbeats platform for more fun.

For more information, check below links of the website and other social media channels links to learn more about HeardBeats :-

Website:- https://heardbeats.com
ICO site:- https://heardbeats.com
E-mail:- hello@heardbeats.com
Telegram Channel-: https://t.me/heardbeats
Telegram Group:- https://t.me/heardbeats_group
Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/heardbeats
Twitter:- https://twitter.com/heardbeatsteam
Medium:- https://medium.com/@heardbeats
Youtube:- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP-BKXze9yMimVpxye8Vgwg/featured



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