Aurora is a collection of ethical applications and conventions together. Energy-efficient energy and complementarity globally.AURORA equips customers with an advanced, open, and stable financial position available to everybody anywhere in the world. Aurora using Decentralized Capital or decentralized banks that credits clients as other stable coins , called BOREALS.

BOREALS is an aurora digital currency that tends to be used as a trading method for the flow and is overseen by Capital Decentralization to coordinate it with security demand and security, on which the brand is surveyed by maintaining equality with the USD and after some time walking towards merchandise rattan. It has the right to set official incentives for BOREALS which will correspond to 1 USD.

IDEX is a decentralized hybrid momentum that reverses real time trading with blockchain-based security. IDEX has progressed the existing technology and created the momentum of leading-edge decentralization in the trading market. IDEX is the first of many dapps to receive boreals as payment. The trader who pays the fees at the boreals will receive a 5% trading fee discount. Boreals used for cost are priced at 1 USD per unit, regardless of current market price. This encourages merchants to buy boreals and act as a basis for fair price for the currency. Traders may use boreal as a stable base currency for trading or as a hedge against market volatility.

Distributed Computing Aurora will switch from semi decentralized architecture to a decentralized architecture that begins with Snowglobe, a protocol that enables forward flow for shared orderbooks. Snowglobe will serve as the backbone of the Aurora network, using distributed computing to decentralize other components such as AI bankers, in charge of autonomous building structures that help maintain boreal prices. Over time Aurora will evolve to achieve the vision of a strong and transparent financial system that is available to everyone.


AURA of 20% of AURA aggregate. The sale of the aurora token begins on 4 December 2017 at 16:00 UTC and ends January 4, 2018 at 16:00 UTC. DVIP is a token that will be sold on the Ethereum platform as the Contract Smart ERC20 token. A total of 2000 DVIP will be made and 1600 DVIP will be available for sale. DVIP is cryptographic registration eligible to join the flow in IDEX until 2020. Two (2) weeks after DVIP is shared, each DVIP holder will have the capacity to reclaim their current DVIP for registration and 50,000 AURA for each DVIP. Aurora Labs offers 1,600 on IDEX mvp shipments. Each full DVIP (1 DVIP) qualifies the token holder for 100% of the registration award. The DVIP registration agreement begins in the fourth quarter of 2017. 3 quarters 2018 Boreal runs live with a rampage of manufacture to offset costs. In quarters of 2018 there will be a childchain technique setting, which allows IDEX to do all the information. The first quarter of 2019 there will be decentralization of orderbook and referees.

Funds received from the sale of tokens will be used to develop the platform and so on. More details can be seen below:

70% For mining costs 
15% For operational costs 
8% For marketing 
7% For Legal

The details for the distribution of tokens are as follows:

20% founding team 
10% upcoming employee token pool 
10% upcoming 
5% initial investor 
5% business cost



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