Hallo all, in this blog I will introduce about Labrys project, and for more details let’s just go to the following discussion:

Labrys is a financial technology company focused on incorporating the global Debt Capital Market with the ecosytem Blockchain.

The decentralized networking software labrys that bring wide efficiency gains to the global bond market through the use of smartbond technology result in dramatically reduced costs and settlement periods. This not only dramatically improves the process of issuing bonds to existing issuers and institutional investors, but also creates a lower barrier to entry, giving anyone in the world the ability to invest in bonds. This is made possible by utilizing blockchain and smart contract technology to place bonds directly on blockchain, creating a direct relationship between issuers and investors.

Labrys will link the Blockchain universe to the largest existing market: Debt Capital Market, which primarily uses Bonds as its financial instrument. Consisting of $ 217 trillion USD, the Global Debt Capital Market shrinks equity, commodity and foreign exchange markets. Using the unique advantages embedded in Blockchain technology, such as transparency, auditability and smart contracts, Labrys can provide access to the bond market through your smart device. The Financial Industry is slowly making the transition to Blockchain technology and Labrys is leading this transition to the Debt Capital Market. Website: https://www.labrys.io/


  • Opportunity to earn interest on ownership of cryptocurrency without leaving the crypto market.
  • Access to the exposure of fiat assets through various traditional bonds so as to diversify the investor portfolio.
  • Able to fund Dompet Labrys and receive coupon payments in various cryptoes. Examples include BTC, ETH, USDT & Labrys (LAB) tokens.


Access to bonds without minimum investment requirement.

Ability to liquidate and transfer ownership of bonds at the right time; This can not be done in the traditional bond market. Access to bonds without going through a thirdparty broker that charges excessively. Full control of bond ownership.

Who will use LABRYS?

Great institution

By eliminating inefficiency, large-scale managers and investors Labrys began to trade bonds through blockchain. The major technological shift takes place in the financial industry, shifting from traditional models to blockchain based systems. Labrys expects this trend to accelerate and summarize the bond market.

Crypto stockpiling.

Ownership of cryptocurrency has become so valuable that it is difficult to justify the sale of these assets. This resulted in the abandoned pool of capital, unable to obtain interest. The Labrys wallet paves the way for these investors to earn risk-free interest payments for their crypto-cardio holdings without leaving the crypto market.

Small-scale investors.

Investors who have previously issued prices outside the market because of the large minimum investment amount are now given the opportunity to invest in these world-class financial instruments. Thus giving everyone in this world, regardless of their wealth, access to a steady and reliable income.

Labrys Wallet.

The labrys Wallet is a tool for obtaining bondchain-based bond holdings. This is the gateway for all communication with the underlying intelligent contract etiquette, which guarantees the investment. Users will manage their own bond portfolio from within the Wallet which includes the purchase and sale of bonds and interest collection collection.


  • Start: 30 JAN 2018
  • Token name: LAB

Token LAB: Labrys Token is a contribution made during the capital improvement phase of Labrys. The LAB Token will be the crypto used to invest in bonds and facilitate all transactions on the Labrys platform.

Maximum tokens inventory: 430,000,000

The maximum supply of LAB Token is set at 430,000,000 which generates a maximum of 300,000,000 available for sale during the crowd. However, this amount may not reflect ending inventory because unsold token will be burned. But many tokens left after burning will be a fixed amount of LAB Tokens that are not fixed which can not be changed at any time in the future.

Initial rate: $ 0.10 USD

One LAB token will initially be worth 0.10 USD. On the day before the token sale, this exchange rate in case of Ethereum will be locked and will be maintained throughout the distribution process, unless otherwise specified.

For more details and join the current Labrys project please visit the following link:






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