Kwakoo Academy is a revolutionary digital learning institution for those wishing to join the swelling ranks of successful people earning from online business. Kwakoo Academy is part of the Kwakoo Group that is associated with OnyxCoin cryptocurrency, and OnyxPay global payment platform.

The academy trains people in skill sets required to leverage the new, and exciting world of blockhain technology. They offer regularly updated learning blocks to help learners master the cryptography and blockchain ecosystem through an interactive, and enriching learning experience.

The courses are packaged in a way learners can advance at their own pace as they delve deep into leading business courses. And they get personalized training from professional online tutors, and through monthly webinars that are customized to fit learners’ schedules.

The academy offers over 1,000 courses under 9 categories including; Fintech, Hyperledger, Cryptocurrencies, Forex Trading, E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Cryptocurrency Trading, Amazon, and Blockchain. These courses are helping graduates navigate and earn from the new world of applied cryptography.

However, a unique feature of the academy is the opportunity it affords learners to earn as they study. A student can earn referral bonus when they refer others to join any of the courses on offer. It does not stop there as the referee continues to earn from down line referral spillovers.

With income from referrals opening up to the 10th generation, it pays to be more than just a student with Kwakoo Academy. The compensation plan is one of the best in the history of multi-level marketing, and spill over prospects are immense in the dynamic education sector.

After joining the academy, students who wish are taken through the free option to join a referral pay plan to earn commissions as they study. Once in the plan, all your up-lines will contribute spill-overs into your team making the spill-overs part of your passive and seamless income.

The courses are ideal for retired people, stay-at-home mum, students, and any employed person yearning for a lifetime, and profitable education.

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