If you ever feel that your voice is not heard, or you can not change the situation, by participating, you will make a revolutionary change.

We are not dealing with an evolution other than the revolution, because the technologies and methods that we use to apply our vision will form the basis for many new and interesting ways for the ecological system of Blockchain.

Network modules are the multi-user platform Blockchain for Unity. It is more accessible, providing additional advantages and increased stability in comparison with traditional infrastructures and infrastructure.

Network unit

Networking is a way to decentralize multi-user games and give developers a simple way to integrate multi-user functions.

We will use the Ethereal blockchain and smart contract function to create a platform that allows hardware owners (service providers) to share unused bandwidth and processor resources with developers who normally require their own servers. to create tokens.

Do That Players can extract chips from the platform by linking their portfolios to their gaming accounts to become active clients. Thus, network blocks have unique data mining processes in two completely different but interesting ways of obtaining tokens.

Why multiplayer games?

Games with multiplayer aspects make players longer. First-person shooters in real time usually have single-user and multi-user modes, and adding multi-user modes can increase the average number of hours of play up to 7 times.


Computer resources are wasted.
Most of the processing power and throughput of personal computers and leased servers is not used in full
Incorrect server plans that require you to subscribe to plans are higher than necessary, or the owner of a managed computer that uses them to work on the Internet, writing random documents and games of candy are special examples. Multi-user functions can be painful and expensive to integrate
Writing your own network code can be complex and time-consuming.
Managing your own server can be just as complex and costly.

As a game developer, we understand that the more time you have to devote to the creative side of the game, the better. The incentives of players can be difficult
Without the right incentives, players can quickly become bored with potentially incredible games. Multiplayer integration will be useful, but other incentive levels, especially with respect to revenues, can go further. Unfortunately, this can be a very expensive function, because the developer must fund it.
This is not an honest fight. Players are waiting for fair play and good fighting. Unfortunately, most of them do not understand this.

The deception or destruction of the double mechanism violates all the gambling communities. Players become unmotivated, stop consuming content and the full economic potential of the missed game.
Big games require a lot of infrastructure
Limited infrastructure for running games can lead to a game crash.

Delay in the network or downtime kill the gaming experience and optimize the effectiveness of resources, which makes the development of the game more expensive. Loss of revenue and loss of reputation are very significant. Xmas DDOS 2014 Sony attack is a very famous example.

Our solution

One of the problems mentioned above can be solved or repaired by the network unit platform.

Turning garbage in the treasure

There is a lot of unused computing power and bandwidth, the Network Unit intends to use it in the blocked blocked decentralized infrastructure used for cost-effective and reliable multiplayer games.

Multiuser features can be simpler and cheaper to integrate
We easily integrate, Unity Asset developers can be free from writing complex network code and the infrastructure that manages it. It will be available at the Unity Asset Store, a very popular third-party market for the Unity Engine.
Players can extract the chip by playing
Unique network blocks because their verification process rewards players who link their portfolio to their gaming account with tokens, as they help verify the service provider.

This not only helps increase the number of active users, but can also attract new players to your game, who are looking for new ways to extract tokens and enjoy the process.

Reputation system

The network module template will include a reputation system between the integrated platforms. Thus, when you are an employee in the game, most likely you will be connected to players from among the players in all the games that you play in the NU infrastructure.
The network unit is decentralized
Since the NU platform is decentralized, we can offer a more robust solution, supported by automatic fault tolerance in case of disaster or intentional deviation. This ensures that players are easily transferred to new providers, so their game can continue continuously.


Sharpshooters / Service Providers To provide the stack and run the host application, you need Masternodes. This host application will serve queries based on our multi-user structure. Masternodes can act as a relay for other hosts and accept new hosts in the event of a failure. Masternodes will also be responsible for inspecting employees. Clients (players with associated purses) will also confirm that they are actually providing their resources.

Gamer / Customer On

Active customers are the players who associate their portfolios with their games using the multi-user NU structure. This allows them to participate in our background verification process. This not only makes the infrastructure stronger and more reliable, but also active customers can get tokens to participate in this process.

Proof of Service

Audit Maternod / Service Provider Online verification is requested from the site by a random number of scan nodes that will attempt to perform small network functions by service providers installed on the node. The result of inconsistency or timeout when the verification is completed with our Smart Agreement. This will be caused by the service provider application.

Not only is the reputation affected, but also the installation of the node (NU Tokens) can be affected. In the case of verification, where the result is negative (when the result is not equal to most), the player will be punished for bets and reputation. If the result is positive (most control nodes with the same result), the node will get a reputation, and in some cases — the NU marker.


Verification is performed randomly between nodes or on request
Some nodes participate in the verification process
Reputation may be affected by the verifier and the applicant
Positive reputation is affected by the duration without a complaint (positive) and negative with complaints (negative)
Waiting time, dishonesty and bad sites rely on a negative reputation.

Checking the active client

Active customers are the players who associate their portfolios with their gaming accounts. This is done using our dashboard, not the game itself, to avoid potential problems in the gaming market. This game will provide a unique code that users can send to smart contracts to be rewarded for playing. In the background, the client will add another level of verification, which is very similar to the above-described verification from the side.

With infrastructure
Strict verification policy
Increased reliability
Host application
Game Developers

Detailed information on sales of tokens

Sale begins on December 23, 2017
The presentation ends on January 21, 2018

NAME: Network modules SYMBOL: NU PRIX JETON: 1 ET = 500 G LUX TOKEN: ERR20 SURVIVAL TOTAL À vendre: 15,817,083 NU Hard cover: 16,666 ETH Minimum mark: 3333 ET

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author: asyahranu123

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