The market for crypto currencies is the most dynamic of our time. Digital currencies use public accounting systems to file transactions.

We are convinced that the future of the current financial system will be dependent on the development of the Blockchain technology and on the reaction of the community. The Blockchain can and will, in our view, be used to achieve a really strong, positive development of the financial system.

For quite some time, our team has intensely worked on the blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies. We discovered, that due its strong volatility and high anonymity, people do speculate more with Cryptocurrencies than using the coins as a currency.

This is why the idea of PAYERA emerged to use Cryptocurrencies free of worry. We will create a secure multifunction‐platform which is going to be easy to operate with.

After we had drawn up the initial concept, we secured ‐ after a brief presentation‐ interested partners and consultants and thus we have systematically built up our team.

In the process of optimizing our main product down to the smallest detail, something extraordinary has emerged: An All‐in‐One‐conept that enables us to operate with even more flexibility in the market.


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Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have come a long way. Although blockchain technology has a ton of advantages, uses cases and the ability to disrupt industries, many sellers don’t accept Bitcoin & Co as a currency. Given the rapid growth of blockchain technology and smart contracts, it is critical for business models such as banks, retailers, insurances and all other affected enterprises to adapt their traditional and outdated business models. As blockchain adoption grows, it pays the way for advanced and essential products like PAYERA.

PAYERA’s aim and goals are simple but aim to bring about big change. PAYERA’s objective is to ensure that everyone irrespective of location is able to easily make use of their cryptocurrencies to purchase goods as well as give them easy access to services.

✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶Why Payera???✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶

❂ ❂❂ ❂How it payera works??❂ ❂❂ ❂

PAYERA offers an easy multifunctional solution for crypto users and sellers.

BUYERS are protected against criminals, as we offer a full consumer protection for all transactions done through PAYERA. This protection includes all conventional goods as well as services. You also have the possibility to do internal wallet transactions free of charge.

SELLERS obtain the perfect solution to get established in the crypto scene and to increase their proper sales volume. We offer a full protection against volatility on the crypto market by offering an optional payment in Fiat or the requested coin. PAYERA also has lower fees and a shorter holding period compared to other systems. Sellers also have the opportunity to do internal wallet transactions free of charge.

For Supporters the PERA will take on an important role in the future concerning the crypto payments, PERA is not going to be a speculative coin. Our supporters finance a real business model that will be far from pseudo‐speculations. We are confident, that our token will be established also on other platforms


Cryptocurrencies have evolved a great deal to what they are today. In the past, it was called play money for gamers, today it is called, amongst other things, speculation. Many users deal on different exchange stock markets to

generate profits. Although blockchain technology has immense potential and many advantages over the payment system nowadays, many sellers don’t accept Bitcoin & Co as a currency.


Despite many advantages of blockchain technology and crypto transactions including extreme speed, low fees and high flexibility, cryptocurrencies are only rarely used as payments. Buyers and sellers are insecure due to floating

rates and complicated application. For this reason, enterprises still use the traditional Fiat payment systems connected to banks and financial institutions. Buyers want the security that transactions with cryptocurrencies provide through a protected trade and ‐in case of a problem arisesa guaranteed refund of the payment. Sellers want to increase their turnover and establish themselves in the crypto scene. This is why PAYERA has set a goal to establish trust between buyer and seller.

✾✾✾Payera PERA Token & ICO Details ✾✾✾

Consumers will need to use PERA tokens on the website in order to perform transactions. If users purchase their tokens during the Pre-ICO sale, their cost will be about $0.035 per token. However, when the ICO is posted, that price goes up to $0.05 per token.





Soft cap

8,000,000 USD

Hard cap

60,000,000 USD

  • TOTAL TOKEN : 2,100,000,000
  • PRE ICO PRICE : $ 0.035 USD
  • ICO PRICE : $ 0.05 USD
  • ICO BONUS : 25 % referral

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