65 blockchain teams across the globe competed in the 2nd annual hack.ether.camp blockchain hackathon. Ideas ranged from distributed court systems and decentralized arbitration to fine art tracking through blockchain asset registration. Overseeing the event was a 27 judge panel made up of CEO’s, blockchain entrepreneurs, and distributed technology experts from across the industry and academia.

The blockchain space is not without controversy, so neither should a blockchain hackathon be. Having competed against a field of strong competitors, we are proud to announce that this panel of judges selected Project Oaken as the #1 Judge’s winner.

We are honored to be among these top tier teams and projects and doubly so to be chosen as #1.

We have built a strong foundation for Project Oaken by participating in the ether.camp hackathon to demonstrate our first ACORN. Our team is now developing a new ACORN while participating in the UAE GovHack sponsored by Consensys and AngelHack . Check out this teaser video for a glimpse of what we are building for UAE GovHack!

Project Oaken Tesla Teaser



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