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Securix Project

Securix is a exploration alternative that is ready. The business is dedicated to simplifying investment from cryptocurrency via its SRXIO power generation that is environmentally aware, and Mega Vault Wallet that is easy-to-use program. The mining operation of securix will be found within an old sugar mill in the Netherlands. This website was selected according to four prerequisites positioning. The mill is big enough to home 24,000 mining components, and 3 stories high. With all this infrastructure, Securix is going to have the ability to mine around 24.5 Bitcoin on a daily basis.

About Securix

Our purpose is to create Blockchain and technologies available and easy . We need something that’s clear and straightforward. It is as straightforward as appreciating a more output signal that is passive and purchasing our SRXIO token.

Most of us know of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and its possible. However they also have read about daily motions that were volatile and the dangers. You may ask yourself, how do I take part and benefit in these superb devices that are new, and at precisely the exact same time minimise my risk?

We don’t guarantee the moon. Our calculations are based on a yearly BTC cost of USD 10,000. Our holders may anticipate a yield * in their investment, When we base our calculations with this speed when the cost is USD 5,000 within annually. You may receive around a 44% return on your investment. This is a whole lot more than you can get from a savings account.

Our token is in this crypto spectrum’s end, although There’s always a degree of risk involved in investing. Together with our market, you do not need to be concerned about market volatility because its ROI is calculated on annually bitcoin cost that is typical and you are investing in our mining performance.

Our mining performance has assets that are real. This also protects you to crypto valuation swings that are enormous, which means that you can make a passive income that is solid with little. Out of our Bitcoin exploration operation, you’re entitled Together with our tokens.

Our token provides you access to our mining support and, subsequently, grants you the rights to some proportion of our totalmined bitcoins (“gross mining earnings”) monthly. Provided That you’re the owner of the tokens, our arrangement that is smart will move Some of the mining earnings in Ether
To your wallet every month.

So far, we have raised USD 250,000 in seed funding. Our audience sale is scheduled to begin on the 7th of September and will continue to make sure that individuals have the chance.


  • The system is a system with parties. We buy directly without any intermediaries from the generator that is green.
  • Our electricity is delivered from the provider electricity link known as an EAN amount throughout the power grid.
  • Safe and protected for our mining place. 
    We plan for profitability, sustainability and obligation.


Our reinvestment Plan will result in output token and both value

  • Repurchase SRXIO {tokens {from|in} the {market|current market} and burn them|burn them and tokens {from|in} the {market|current market}
  • Buy hardware and improve infrastructure and our facility

About SRXIO Token

  • Token SRXIO
  • Price 1 USD = 1 SRXIO
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Minimum investment 100 SRXIO
  • Accepting BTC, ETH, BCH, USD
  • Soft cap 3.000.000 USD
  • Soft cap 3.000.000 USD

SECURIX — A market driven mining business in the Netherlands includes an operationally ready solution, an eco-conscious energy system, along with the revolutionary asset-backed SRXIO token, Securix is supplying improved value plus a distinguished product versus cloud mining operations, supplying a monthly passive gross earnings share to investors out of its mining performance, while shielding nominal holders out of price volatility.

For information about Securix Projects, click the link below
BITCOINTALK URL:;u=2373130;sa=summary



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