The Foreign Exchange Market is arguably the largest financial market in the world. It daily trading volume is estimated to be around $7 trillion. Marginal trading with high leverage is mostly how thousands of traders earn, because trading in this form allows for high yields, however with a certain amount of risk involved. Different assets such as currencies, stocks, index, CFDs, etc are the modes of transacting. It is a very lucrative market to trade. However, it is large firms and wealthy individuals that trade in forex market the most due to the large capital requirement needed to trade. Despite the capital requirement, there are significant number of retail traders who trades in the market too, however they’re not protected from fraud by intermediaries such as dealers, brokers and even the exchanges themselves.

The Foreign Exchange Market is characterized with so much fraud and inefficiencies. There are lack and inadequate control measures and standards, that protecting the trader’s interest is somewhat difficult.

In a nutshell, traditional regulation of the market is ineffective, outdated, and cannot be relied on to protect investments of retail clients. Nevertheless, distributed ledger technology (DLTs) can eliminate this problem.

Personal Experience

In 2016 a forex company named ForexEntourage marketed it products to me which would help me earn substantial profit, if I subscribe and invest a specified amount. They made me entered into partnership with Blackwell global as the broker. Because of my appetite for investing, I paid the subscription fees and invested the specified amount.

A month into the contract, I kept seeing losses upon losses without meaningful explanation. This went on to a point I got tired and had to cancel the contract, leaving me with huge losses. This goes to substantiate the massive fraud in the forex market.

This is why we need SERENITY!

Introducing SERENITY

SERENITY is a blockchain platform built on the Ethereum blockchain, that seeks to protects the interests of traders’ funds by placing them on SERENITY smart contracts. The smart contract is designed and structured in a way to ensure that the transfer of funds proceed only by the mutual consent of the trader and the broker. And in the emergence of a conflict, SERENITY mediate in the transaction, more like an ESCROW agent.

In order to make a decision that is transparent and legitimate, SERENITY records the digital signatures of both the trader and broker’s interactions on the blockchain. With blockchain technology commonly associated financial risks are mitigated for traders in any part of the world.

With SERENITY platform, crypto traders can invest their monies in any classical and traditional financial assets while keeping their various accounts in the nominated cryptocurrency token of their choice and also receiving accrued profits in cryptocurrency.


The SERENITY will issue its own native utility token that will be used in the SERENITY platform to pay fees. The crowdsale is ongoing! Go to, register to buy the tokens

Serenity Tokenomics (Supply & Demand)

Demand: By the end of 2019 Serenity project will attract 1,000 brokers. This also implies 5 million Serenity token users as a part of the ecosystem.

Utility: 50% to 100% of SERENITY service price must be paid with tokens

· Market: Steady influx of BUY orders in the Depth of Market will increase Serenity Token demand. Meanwhile, all used tokens will be destroyed, reducing supply in the market.

· Pricing: Serenity tokens will be accepted at their full nominal value or at higher price based on the market valuation.

· Supply: Tokens used to pay for the company services will be withdrawn from circulation and destroyed.

ICO dates: January 25th — March 7th, 2018

Payment for services

A client will pay 50%-100% of the company services with tokens

Company services

Transaction fees, manual arbitration in case of disputes, provision of liquidity to brokers

Utility token

Tokens used to pay for the company services will be withdrawn from circulation and destroyed!

Listing on exchanges

After the ICO, SERENITY tokens will be traded freely on exchanges.

Total number of tokens for ICO: 400,000,000


Coin Ticker: SRNT

Nominal value: 0,0001 ETH

Token type: Utility

Project Roadmap


January: Serenity is founded

May: Beta release of the Automated Trade Analysis System

June: Cryptocurrency Exchange MVP launch

October: The first brokers are being connected to the system.

November: Pre-ICO round

December: Closed round of sales.


January — March: ICO

March: Listing of SERENITY tokens on crypto exchanges

Introduction of independent mediators for client claims analysis

April: Cold wallet system launch

June: Launch of Serenity cryptocurrency exchange

Launch of the custom blockchain for recording client transactions

September: Release of the live version of Serenity platform

November: Implementation of the Client Digital Signature for user identification.

December: Implementation of Serenity liquidity aggregator into the platform


January — April: Serenity receives liquidity from European banks

License acquisition

May — December: Marketing

Introduction of new wallets


> 1,000 brokers in the system


Stanislav Vaneev


CEO and founder of Grand Capital, an international financial services company that has a monthly turnover of US$6 billion and serves over 300 000 clients worldwide.

Anton Vasin


Co-founder of Serenity project and its COO. Anton’s career spans over 11 years among the top positions in Forex sphere. Head of Risk Hedging Department.

Denis Kulagin


Expert in promotion of Forex companies in Asia: China, Indonesia, Myanmar, India, Vietnam. More than 10 years of experience in development of partnership programs.

Vasily Alexeev


More than 10 years in commercial development, including 6 years of product development for Forex companies. CEO of UpTrader, a provider of software for brokers.

Sergey Kozlovsky


Sergey started his career in 2007 as a financial analyst. Later he became the head of a brokerage company’s analytics department. He is a recurrent guest speaker at RBC TV and Kommersant FM, writes for ITAR-TASS and Interfax. Since 2011, Sergey has worked on a SRO project to create a regulated Forex market in Russia.

Sergey Lushkovskiy

Team leader

Sergey’s area of expertise includes blockchain technologies, smart contract development, back end tools (Python, NodeJS, Django, Flask, Nginx, PostgreSQL, MongoDB), front-end tools (React, Angular JS, jQuery, Bootstrap), mobile (React Native) and machine learning (Caffe and TensorFlow).

Lenur Zamaraev

Senior developer

Lenur Zamzaraev is a seasoned developer, Internet and telecommunications expert with over 7 years working experience. Lenur has expertise in back end development: Python/Django, Tastypie, Mongo, Elasticsearch, Memcached; and in front end development: CanJS, RequireJS, Gulp, Bower, Underscore, Sass.

Stanislav Pankratov

Python Developer

Python developer. Backend (Python 2/3, Django, Flask, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Golang), Frontend (AngularJS, jQuery, CoffeeScript). Stanislav has worked on freelance (development of network protocol) and open source (Blockstack — blockchain-based decentralized web) projects.

Elizaveta Matveeva

UI/UX Designer

Multitalented product designer with more than 5 years of experience. Designs useful and clean mobile and web interfaces.

Elena Berestovaya

Head of Marketing

Elena has over 10 years of experience in business promotion and reputation management, including 6 years in financial industry.

Ala Mohammed

Business Analyst

PhD in Engineering Sciences, started his career in financial markets as a sales manager. Presently, Ala is developing investment offerings.

Tian Haowen

Business Development, China

Marketing financial products and sales in China. Partnership development in China. Organization of expositions.

Jonathan Raharjo

Technical Support

Technical support for clients in Indonesia.

Herbert Rudy

Sales Manager

Sales and partnership development in Indonesia

Goutam Das

Project manager

Bachelor of Business Administration.

Yulia Liu

Sales manager, China

Partnership relations expert in China

Anastasia Kaneva

Junior Python developer

Anastasia took the first place in a nationwide Computer Science competition. She is a constant participant and prizewinner in various programming, math and computer science contests.

Nikita Khabarov

Junior Python developer

Nikita is a skilled developer and works with Python/Django, Bootstrap, Linux/*nix, Docker, Git, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, JS, Gtk.

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