SocialX is the first decentralized photo and video app that will keep your JEMAH LIVES safely in one app.

With SocialX it is not necessary to post your photos & videos on a centralized platform like Facebook or Instagram.SocialX is built along with its users. Together, we shape the future of SocialX, and create a new type of social network governed by its own users.

SocialX will drive the vision of a decentralized future by completing three tasks :

1. Give social media users back ownership of their content.

2. Integrating free speech as a core principle in our platform.

3. Build a reward system is a contributed contributor to their content. Our ultimate goal is to open a new chapter in the way humans share photos of their lives and interact with each other.

How is it different from current social sites like facebook and instagram?

Facebook and Instagram never share their earnings and do not provide rewards. With SocialX you are rewarded for your original work through upvoting by followers.
With SocialX you can send crypto to your friends that you can not do on social sites today.
You are not uploading your content to a centralized server with socialX (facebook and instagram using centralized servers)

SocialX is more than just a messenger. You can send smart payments and contracts to friends from within chats while enjoying the default encrypted message service, using a peer-to-peer protocol that does not rely on centralized servers.
SocialX will provide the safest and most reliable chat app.

Be part of this SocialX Revolution technology :

When you participate in SocialX ICO, you will not only be part of a revolutionary platform that gives real value to the creators, but will also be an early adopter of a decentralized economic movement. the contributor will receive a SocialX Token, which may be traded on the main exchange and may generate profits for its owner.

We divided our roadmaps into three sections.
The first developments will show the technical development of SocialX.

Our marketing roadmap believes in good branding and smart marketing activities for Startup.

Simply by investing in presale token SocialX how to send enough ETH that we want to investkan to this project only, or more details directly refer to the schedule of Pre-sale SocialX this.
SocialX Presale:
SocialX Token Details:
Token Name: SocialX
Symbol Token: SOCX
Platform: Ethereum
Distribution Token:
50% of tokens sold.
30% of total token for SocialX team
16% for contribute reward
4% for bounty program

For more information please visit the link below :





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