I had a friend named Chuck. Before I became ill. I was about 27 and we would all meet every Wednesday at the Mallard Club.

What I would call, “the recreation center” to my friend Jesse as we would go play Ms. PacMan and drink coffee waiting for the laundry to get done across San Pablo Avenue in Albany, CA.

“because, Jesse, if we say we go to a bar in the morning… we sound like day trading alcoholics who don’t ever work… so, it’s the ‘rec Center’” — me, drinking coffee. c. 1998

Running into Xtine Burrough who was working at the movie theater. Laughing at how the world works that we should not see each other since Basketball in High School. The Bisons who ran into each other in a town named the same as the one we were from across the country. Literally, the furthest you can go from our Albany to another Albany. Any further you fall into the Bay. Literally. Though, now that I know Albany, OR is a thing, that one may be further?

I lived on top of the hill there. Sitting on my balcony every night staring out at the Berkeley Hills that looked like a christmas tree all lit up. The humming birds hanging out on the wire. I had never seen one sit still. But, they do.

I also saw the feet of an Eagle once. c. 2001 But, this was a different time, and I didn’t have film in the camera. You’ll need to take my word that it happened at all.

He worked at Pixar in the systems department. I was beyond happy-jealous when he got his gas station jacket for Monsters, Inc.

happy-jealous == you are really filled with joy for them but also IMYGODTHATISTHECOOLESTIFUCKINGWANTONE. Shows lovely stress squeeze ball that looks like a Hippo for the “HIPAAHippo” you got at work in ritualistic display of toys. Clearly, I worked at the wrong place. But my work also helped people at the hospital, #medicalProcessAutomationArchitect

He also told me once that he nearly hit Jobs with a football out in the yard one day. #doh

I always would wait to watch the credits when I went to see each new Pixar that came out. I made my friend Danielle wait in Wall-e.

“what are we doing?”

“we have to wait to clap for Chuck. He’s the only one I know that gets his name in the credits. So we wait.”

{insert the Danielle look of “okaaay…?” as she waited patiently with me}

New friends. Meet, old friends.

Pixar was definitely part of my recovery from my brain injury.

He likes plants.

Come to think about it.

I always live a walkable distance to a movie theater.

I do now. Actually.

Current Soundtrack :: https://open.spotify.com/track/0QbwvCMcaRQLoQpYwtTL9R

Duncan and I would rent out the one in Arlington. He playing B-Movies. Me playing movies I can’t believe my friends haven’t seen.

USE DATABASE lt_mem_store;

 ms.dt_shown as “Date Shown To Friend In Private Theater Showing”,
 m.movie_name as “Name of Movie Shown”, 
 p.producer_name as “Shower”,
FROM tblMoviesShown ms
 left join tblMovies m on ms.movie_id = m.id
 left join tblProducer p ms.producer_id = p.id;

Results : Row Count 3 [“Mean Girls”, “Usual Suspects”, “Rocky Horror”]
A gift one day in the Slack from Liz. c.2016



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