The crucial question becomes, what’s the powerful weapon that the federal government uses to enslave the citizens? Well, the easiest way to keep all citizens locked up is to enable a cashless society. The feds have worked towards inching this goal for quite a long time.

Digital currency is a cunning issue that the feds have to be deceitful and divisive in employing it. Dylan Charles from The Daily Sheeple wrote that quite a number of individuals find the trendiness and convenience involved with digital currency very ideal and hence this is a big selling point. However, Dylan notes that this will not appeal to everyone and hence the Federal government has to find an elusive threat to public safety so that it can claim it’s protecting the citizens by enforcing the digital currency and making sure that every citizen accepts it.

The globalists desire to have a cashless society, this will make it very easy to imprison everyone. This is because when you have hard, cold, physical cash, the feds have difficulty interfering with it compared to digital currency. Bitcoin is different from a cashless society operated by the federal government; many conservatives and libertarians have supported this for a long time.

The current state of the world today is very unpredictable. The probability of having an economic and societal collapse is very high. It’s therefore important for everyone to invest in precious metals like gold and silver instead of paper money regardless of how you view Bitcoin. Lack of valuable assets could be devastating in case an economic collapse happens. Don’t give in to the federal government’s cashless society scam, instead have something that you can barter trade with if the world crumbles economically.



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