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The secret to being rich is often overlooked
(CNBC) Tom Corley, author of “Rich habits,” points out that the relationship is what makes the difference between millionaires and ordinary people.
His research is based on 5 years of studying 233 rich and nearly 130 low-income people. “The rich” is defined by him as having an average annual income of 160,000 USD or more and a net worth of over 3.2 million USD) while the “low income” is more than 35,000 USD a year and has an asset of about 5,000 USD .

Tom Corley, Author of the book”Rich habits”. Pic: Eric Vitale.

People often make friends with like-minded people or people who make them feel most comfortable. Meanwhile, super-rich and successful people select relationships. Most self-made millionaires in Tom Corley’s study have a top priority to cultivate “wealthy relationships” and stay away from negative people.

“Rich relationship” is about thinking, not material. They are not necessarily people with a lot of money, but they are people with goals, big aspirations and most of the time to implement them.
“I limit my exposure to negative people. Some people make you feel worse and are affected by their negative emotions. This makes you sluggish and lack creativity to solve problems and overcome them. over obstacles, “a millionaire in the study said.
People with positive energies do a better job of focusing on finding and solving problems. Being positive helps you become a good problem solver, while negative thinking makes you see only problems.
Even billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffett agree that choosing the right friends can encourage you to achieve bigger goals. “You will follow the same path as close people,” Buffett once said.
Tom Corley points to the characteristics of positive influencers, such as optimism, respect and focus on what they have instead of paying attention to others. They inspire and motivate others to pursue their dreams.
People who actively act for their goals and never give up. They also take time to take care of their physical and mental health, by exercising and having leisure time.
They invest in themselves in the long term instead of seeking short-term satisfaction, always open to listening to feedback from friends, colleagues, family and mentors. Besides, they are trustworthy and responsible, have a voice and influence in the field of expertise, as well as constantly looking for ways to develop skills and knowledge.
Making friends, maintaining and developing relationships with positive influencers requires a lot of dedication on your part. Millionaires take daily actions to build relationships such as making phone calls, not forgetting birthdays and appearing in their important life milestones, as well as participating in events, organization to networking.



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