In case you’re wondering what happened to my log on 6th Dec, here’s why.

This trade took 2 days to complete. It was my 3rd entry on 5th Dec.

Profit: 300 pips.

It was an expected delay as there were several factors supporting the price from immediate completion.

Wanting to keep a clear head, I kept my focus on one trade and monitored the price movement yesterday (6th Dec), ready to exit based on my risk management strategy in the case the price decides to move in the other direction.

From experience, it’s one thing to be blindly confident (foolish) and confident with a back-up plan in case things go awry.

Let’s see whether there’s another opportunity to harvest later today.

Otherwise, on to a new day!

The Trading Log is a daily report of trades taken (profits or losses) with some commentary of the market conditions and personal reflections.

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