What Is Tokeneo?

Tokeneo is building a unique crypto trading platform in which investors are regarded as partners and thereby have an input in how the ecosystem develops share in its successes. The fundamental idea behind this project is the fact that current market solutions are inadequate and mostly superficial, which means there is a willing consumer base for this platform. Tokeneo intends to be an excellent crypto exchange that investors can own and have considerable power over the continued development of the project.

About Tokeneo

Tokeneo is a crypto-currency exchange whose investors are rewarded with 50% of the income, paid out on a DAILY basis. Tokeneo community owns 90% of the Ethereum-based TEO tokens. Our investors participate in Exchange’s development. The top priority was to offer a token that provides a real passive income and a secure and steady source of regular proceeds without the necessity to speculate.

Our Unique Selling Points :

– Guaranteed 50–50 distribution of income between TEO holders and the exchange.
– Regular passive income for every TEO holder with daily payouts.
– 90% of the total TEO tokens are in control of our investors
– Investors can influence exchange’s development The MVP is going to be available when ICO starts.

Our ambitions go way beyond the creation of another trading platform. The aim of our business activity is to build a complete ecosystem of cryptocurrency-related services. We are working on several satellite products that complement the exchange offer and match the specific market needs:
– an online cryptocurrency exchange office enabling a fast tokens exchange without any additional identity verification 
– the very first Polish cryptocurrency fund which aims at making it easier to enter the cryptocurrency markets for the persons who are only learning the nuts and bolts of the blockchain technology. 
– service (in Polish) which is aimed to be main educational and news crypto-hub in Poland.


Tokeneo is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform. The team is issuing an Ethereum-based TEO token. As the team members claim, the community will own 90% of the tokens and investors will be compensated with 50% of generated profit (daily payouts). The platform is supposed to offer minimum 25 cryptocurrency markets. Tokeneo users will have access to three types of orders: market buy and sell order, limit buy and sell order, stop-loss and take-profit order. The team also plans to launch TokeneoCash: a cryptocurrency exchange office for users who are unable to go through verification process.

Tokeneo Benefits

90% of all cards are controlled by investors.

Cardholders regularly receive passive income from daily payments.

Income distribution is guaranteed between income and exchange.

For the community, the airways will be permanently insured.

Tokeneo’s main idea — is to create a platform for kriptovalyutnoy trading, which is open to all and where people can participate equally in development, influence its form and contribute fully. Enough with its success on the basis of cooperation, which so far is typical of the reality of large companies. Tokeneo intends to allocate a portion of the funds raised for the development of a trading plan where shareholders can participate in the distribution of profits generated by this platform. Investors will receive a total of 50% of sales.

Tokeneo Community Based Electronic Transaction

Thanks to the success of the OIC, Tokeneo users will have the opportunity to trade more than 25 different markets with guaranteed liquidity. These selected markets will be high performing markets and will be updated on current industry ideas and forecasts, including a focus on exciting and future technologies. great ability to receive and grow.Tokeneo is dedicated to supporting innovative projects with a long-term development plan and strategy, as well as a solid foundation. 
Certain types of orders are available from the outset, including buying and selling on the market, buying and selling limits, profit taking and profit taking. The initial package will be enough for most investors to use the Tokeneo platform when it is launched. However, there are still more custom platform plans with more transaction options and also enhances the overall user experience. 
Tokeneo will also launch the Tokeneo Cash grant for customers who wish to remain anonymous in their transactions. This exchange office will be available online and will support anonymous transactions at specific limits.

Tokeneo Income Sources

There are two principal sources of income that the Tokeneo exchange investors should know, direct and indirect revenue. The direct income sources will include fees from all the services provided by this exchange to its clients. These direct services include transaction fees, payout fees, charges for listing on the exchange and also FIAT currency conversion costs. Meanwhile, the external revenue will comprise trading bots, nodes and mining, partnerships, paid promotion and other strategic partnerships.

ICO Settings

Token name and icon: Tokeneo (TOKEN)

Total Supply: 100,000,000 Tokens

Pre-stage ICO: 8 million chips

Primary ICO stage: 80 million chips

Amount of the reserve: 12 million tokens

Accepted Payments: Bitcoin, Stellar, Lisk, Etheruem, NEO, Waves

Softcap: $ 3 million

Hardcap: $ 100,000,000

Distribute the token

Bonus campaign for active Tokeneo users: 2%

Foundation before the OIC: 8%

Development team: 10%

Principal public ICO: 80%

Expenditure Details

Platform monitoring, security and code test: 3%

Liquidity reserve tokens: 15%

Announcements and acquisitions: 17%

R & D and additional business services: 18%

Recruit new employees: 21%

Maintaining the optimal liquidity of the chips: 26%

Team Member


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