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What is Treon ?

Treon is a token based mobile dashboard and wallet solution for utility bill payments, specially designed for the billions of customers using public utilities to settle their bills using blockchain smart contract technology. Treon is a new form of private, instant, verified and reliable transaction.

Treon (TXO) is an Ethereum blockchain-based utility token and e-wallet for paying utility bills using a robust technology in a completely decentralised and secure fashion.Visit here https://www.treon.io/

The utilities sector has had intermittent customer-centric innovations over the years. Disruptive blockchain technology utilised by the TXO e-wallet offers vast opportunities for utility providers to drive cost-efficiency and increase profitability while giving consumers greater control over their usage and wider financial inclusion and convenience. With Treon, we will make your utility bill payments a convenient one-click experience — anytime, anywhere.

Treon (TXO) is focused on providing an exciting value-added service that will simplify the utility management and payment process like never before: consumers will effect their payments instantly using a simple consolidated dashboard.

Moreover, Treon (TXO) is on its way to bring a large number of new users into the crypto space by connecting billions of utility customers to the blockchain. Our vision is to reach a point in the near future where utility consumers around the world use the Treon token (TXO) as their currency of choice and preferred payment tool. We are set to convince utility companies to accept Treon tokens (TXO) from customers because it is faster, more secure, and less costly to operate and use.

Business Model

Treon’s business model is based on multiple revenue streams coming from different utility services, mainly from distribution margins, transaction fees and platform usage fees. Treon (TXO) will realise healthy margins while delivering significant savings to utility providers.

Treon gives back rewards to customers against using TXO tokens to make adoption and usage much more appealing. Additionally, such savings will be the catalyst for utility companies to move their cross — trade contracts to the blockchain in order to cost-effectively manage their business dealings.

Through the consolidation of the above margins and fees, Treon business model is built to address a growing global market and be a true partner to utility providers, bringing real value to consumers and providers alike.

Benefits to Consumers

User-friendly consolidated view

Inclusion of the Unbanked

Management of different utility accounts

Change and optimise consumption

Top-up & payment

Rewards on payment-loyalty program

Smart notifications

When does the ICO start and end?

The pre-sale is planned to take place between 21st of May 2018 to 17th of June 2018. The ICO is going to take place between 18th of June 2018 to 17th of July 2018. Tokens are expected to be distributed within 2–4 weeks after the ICO ends.Read Whitepaper https://www.treon.io/data/Treon-WhitePaper.pdf

Token Information

Token Symbol = Treon (TXO)

Total Supply = 1,000,000,000 Billion

Allocation = 429.7 Million

Soft Cap = 4 Million USD

Hard cap = 25 Million USD

Currency = ETH, BTC

Spend Allocation

TXO Token Allocation


Q1 2017 Start of Ideation and planning

Q4 2017 Technical architecture and prototype build

Q1 2018 ICO planning & preparations

Q4 2018 Enlist Tokens on Crypto exchanges

Q1 2019 Onboarding Telecom Providers

Q4 2019 Agreements with Telecom top-up distributors

Q1 2020 Agreements with payment gateways

Q4 2020 Onboarding Electricity companies

Q1 2021 Smart Contracts for Natural gas companies

Q4 2021 Onboarding of water Utility companies

Q1 2022 Telecom reseller Agreement rollout

Q4 2022 Close all utility providers reseller agreement

Team & Advisors

Treon team was selected on the cultural foundations of Innovation, trust, transparency, and simplicity being our core corporate values and are embedded in everything we do. Our organization structure is flat to ensure speed of execution in a fast-moving space. Each member has worked and lead multicultural, multidisciplinary, and adaptive teams that achieved tech innovations in challenging markets.Join our Telegram https://t.me/TreonOfficial

Details Information :

Website : https://www.treon.io/

Whitepaper : https://www.treon.io/data/Treon-WhitePaper.pdf

ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3403731.msg35625366

Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/treon.io/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/TreonNews

Telegram : https://t.me/TreonOfficial

Profile Link : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2201278

Username : wanggober

Eth : 0x5Ee7405BEcf27264B74156829c867b39836f16fB



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