Vanywhere is a living platform for skills exchange, which instantly connects people looking for and offering skills, here you can get personal results adapted specifically to you. Interaction occurs with the help of live video, voice and chat or individual performances for freelancers. Now, instead of reading the content on the Internet, you can pay a minute to talk face to face with a person who has the exact knowledge that you need. It’s like FaceTiming with someone who can help you cook food, put on an outfit, fix your smartphone, anything. Vanywhere. has created a new business model based on VANY tokens and alternative revenue channels, which allows us to provide peer-to-peer transactions with a minimum commission.

A person does not have to be an expert or a professional, he just needs to have a skill in which he is really good. If the owner of a valuable skill wants to share his experience, then he sets his own price for a minute of live conversation or a fee for offline consultation. In addition, they can earn on their advice.

Using Vanywhere can work, for example:

Prepared professionals and freelancers who are experts in their fields. This can include, among others, accountants and copywriters, nutritionists and makeup artists, programmers and fitness trainers. These are people who currently use applications for freelancers to earn income from their knowledge and skills.

Influential people in social networks with an army of devoted followers who turn to them for advice. Vanywhere offers them a unique opportunity to participate 1-on-1 with their audience as a value-added service that directly monetizes their subscribers on an individual basis. For small blogs (with followers of 10K-100K), this revenue channel is especially important, since they have not yet reached the threshold when they receive substantial revenue from their subscribers.

Ordinary people with unusual skills. They can know everything about jazz music, be experts in assembling furniture or learn all the best local restaurants. These are people with skills that they want to share with someone who needs it.

The experienced team has been working on the Vanywhere project for more than 2 years. Since 2015, attracted more than $ 500,000 from angel investors, participated in the accelerator Crossrider Innovations and were in the AppStore for testing and optimization. After this huge work done, we finally launched a campaign to sell tokens.

In the first quarter of 2017, Vanywhere was placed in the App Store for extensive product testing. One of the pilot projects that we managed provided support for Apple products and services. Each month, more than 1 million Google search queries occur for Apple’s technical support questions, such as “how do I sync my iPhone?”. We hired Apple enthusiasts to become a Vanywhere consultant, and launched an Apple support campaign that provided a 26% conversion from query to action using the average call time lasts 4.5 minutes. During the pilot project, we became the largest supplier of Apple video games in the field of Apple technology in the world.

The mission of Vanywhere is to give people the opportunity to discover their potential and turn their hobbies into profits. Running on the blockbuster allows you to go beyond the traditional workforce to reach more than 3 billion people around the world and give them the opportunity to monetize their skills. This also allows you to create a proven reputation system on a block chain based on user estimates. With Vanywhere, you can turn your talent into your work .

Since January 2017, the unemployment rate in the US has dropped by about 0.7 percent, but not everyone sees improvement in themselves. Why? There are people with valuable skills and a desire to work, but they can not always find a job. It is possible that the relevant vacancies are open far from where they live, or they have the necessary skills, but there is no formal certification that employers require. With the technological achievements of our world and our ability to communicate with others on the Internet, there must be a solution for people with exceptional skills who may not have a certification, a degree, a sheet of paper with a seal confirming their knowledge. With Vanywhere, people can create their own jobs and apply their skills by helping others.

The Vanywhere ecosystem will operate using an ERC-20 marker, known as VANY, as the currency used for payment. In addition, the VANY token allows us to create a new business model that does not depend only on commissions from our users, thereby enabling peer-to-peer transactions with a minimum commission.

The Vanywhere Team

Vanywhere Consultants

Project road map

4th quarter 2015–1 quarter 2016 — Concept and research.

2nd quarter 2016 — Creating a user experience and UI.

3–4 quarter 2016 — Development of iOS.

Q1 2017 — Testing and optimization of the product.

Q2 2017 — Accelerator Crossrider Innovations.

2–4 quarter 2017 — The introduction of blocking technology — Creating a digital wallet.

Q1 2018 — Sale of tokens and beta launch on iOS.

2nd quarter 2018 — Cross-platform development of the Internet + Mobile.

3–4 quarter 2018 — Growth of the ecosystem.

Q1 2019 — Inclusion of premium revenue channels based on advanced content and own advertising.

Details of selling tokens

1 VANY = $ 0.05 USD 
The goal is to attract $ 20,000,000;u=905379



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