Coinmetro has begun to produce solutions to these problems by providing a fast and user-friendly, fully licensed and compliant platform to facilitate the flow of funds between the platform users, traditional financial markets and the emerging digital asset economy. When they are connected to all this provision, all transactions will not have to continue to wander like the Coinmetro platform. The purpose of Coinmetro is to establish a bridge between the digital asset classes emerging with commercial assets.

All services will be accessible through a fast Web application with a stunning user interface, fully integrated with industry-leading block platforms. Coinmetro will price all services using your own digital elutility icon, called coin.

Our vision is that newcomers to the digital economy can instantly buy their first bitcoin through our first, simple, supportive platform. Professional traders will enjoy a fast, secure and flexible environment that integrates familiar features into our digital asset ecosystem. Coinmetro will also offer innovative investment models such as the tokenized asset Management (TAM) platform and Exchange-tradind Crypto Fund (ETCF), which aims to provide users with access to single-click Digital Asset Diversification Options.

Coinmetro is with regulatory bodies to support security protocols like banks, transparent third-party audits, and the accountability and protection of the customers ‘ assets, data and personal information of the platforms. To create verifiable eligibility. This is to say that user funds and privacy are secure.

Blockchain technology and the crypto money application are becoming universal, but users have difficulties and challenges that they face every day while trying to process it. Among these challenges, you will be given a place of funds before completing the There are complex and boring qualities about moving to the other place.

It’s a new and hot topic in the crypto world. It is nothing more than a burrs campaign organized by the company to collect funds for the development of new products/services. Usually, the company will sell tokens to investors to increase their money. Symbols can be either a new encryption state or a utility icon created on existing standards, such as Ethereum. Users can purchase these tokens by exchanging them with BTC, ETH, or any other encryption supported by the company. Most of the ICO’s will not accept payment in fiat currency due to banking and other regulatory regulations. As a result, the majority of respondents will only buy tokens by changing their password currencies.

Other exchanges

Coinmetro Coinmetro may not be the first stock market, but it has unique features not found on other exchanges. These include:

Integration into the Exchange platform of both digital assets and traditional markets.

  • Coinmetro offers fast payment transactions in Cryptokraside and Fiat with the establishment of stable banking relationships.
  • Users will be able to deposit with a wide range of options such as credit cards, e-wallets, local bank deposits, swift transfer, SEPA transfer and multiple crypto currency.
  • To secure the hardware and maintain the price of the coin, there is a provision for purchasing tokens back.

Coin and Token Sales information

Coinmetro is the token sale, the code for the icon, and the coin is xcm. Coin will be paid for all events on the Coinmetro platform.

Total Token supply: 500 000 000

Pre-Token Sale: White list operation continues for pre-sale

Front Slap sale Hard heavy: 50 000 000 jam

During this time, pricing will start at 0.03 EUR and increase to 0.02 EUR after the sale of every 12 500,000 coins. Any money that is not sold at this stage will be transferred to the coin sale.

Token Sale: 21–02–2018

At this stage, pricing starts where the pre-sale price of the front selling point is sold. Token will be an icon to be bought back by Coinmetrove FXPIG to balance and maintain its price. The first contributors who purchased the money worth 0, 05eur and 0, 03eur will have the 180 days of entitlement before full access to their tokens. A given percentage is paid 90 days after the distribution and the rest is paid 90 days after the release of the first insult.

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