Jonathan A. Anaya Martínez

Since this trading project was born 3 years ago, I set the goal of launching a YouTube channel to share my knowledge and experiences with people. The desire to do so originated at that time when I was looking for information on forex on the Internet, and on YouTube channels, I only saw people selling courses. I didn’t like the fact that their explanations were made with demos accounts, I did not find someone who could demonstrate their trading skills with a real account.

The goal of my channel is to be someone who can provide time savings to those who start in the world of forex. Also for those who want to be investors, I want them to know more about me, my trading plan and have the confidence of knowing that their money can be managed correctly.

Additionally, I will soon be launching a web page with my brother. Our new company will be called as JG Investments. Later I will be giving details of these new projects.

Tracking JRT

This week I had the satisfaction of winning two new badges in my darwin JRT (for more details see the image above).

Another good news of the week was the closing of October achieving profitability of 5.63%.
Greetings and see you next weekend.



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