The most important aspect for any type of business is productivity and thus, owners of both small and large size companies are increasingly looking for ways to boost productivity as well as efficiency. There are some important tech tools for business owners that help them to get some free time so that they can concentrate on other important work to grow their businesses.

Tech Tools For Business Efficiency

Effective Collaboration

Teams of several companies are working flexibly and remotely and thus, it is very important for businesses to offer them some collaboration tools for maintaining maximum productivity. In this regard, Powwownow’s iMeet, which is an all-in-one web, audio and video conferencing solution is the perfect tool. With this tech solution, users can chat with contacts, can make video calls and can also share information, links and files.

Bring Your Own Device

BYOD is gaining huge momentum as it allows employees to work with equipment with which they can work comfortably. Parallels is considered as a cross-platform solution that helps businesses in implementing BYOD for flexi-working as well as remote access from any device. With the help of this tech tool, employees can become more efficient as they are allowed to access their apps as well as files on any device like tablets, smartphones, Windows, Android and Mac OS.

Easier Expense Processing

Filling expense application forms is an essential task, but is very time-consuming. In this regard, ExpenseIT is aneffective technology solution that allows employees to submit receipt by taking a picture with their phone. The tool simply avoids the need for spreadsheets and also minimizes the time management.

Electronic Signatures

Signing documents is the best alternative to the time consuming scanning, signing or mailing of paper-based signatures. Under the latest EU regulation, electronically signed documents are equal to paper based signatures. Several business owners are opting for e-signature software such as Signable. The software has an amazing benefit of being fully transparent, enabling both parties to track with the help of audit trial. This trial shows the name of the person who opened the signed document and it also shows the time.

Office Management Made Easier

A new technology solution in the form of a digital service partner, ONE plays a pivotal role in streamlining the office ordering process by facilitating such process from a single platform, which saves time and cost to a great extent. Hence, there is no exaggeration in saying that this tool is very important in increasing business efficiency.

Smooth Communication

A SIM card by iQela offers seamless communication. This is because when the SIM card is placed into the mobile phones of team members then business owners can easily manage their incoming as well as outgoing calls. This clearly means that business calls will never be missed as calls can be re-routed to the right person and at the right time. Customers will get one single number for the business and also informs other colleagues about the availability of that particular team member for taking calls. With affordable rates, the technology can be accessed by smaller companies also.

So, there is no exaggeration in saying that by implementing these simple and low cost tech tools, entrepreneurs can definitely enhance efficiency at work.

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