People can witness the growth of social media platform which is getting bigger and varied. There is no doubt that the convenience and great experience which can be offered by the social media platform makes people cannot ignore its existence in modern world. That is why there are many people who use it a lot. Facebook becomes one of the most popular social media platforms which can be found these days and people can make sure that with more than a billion users all around the world, Facebook can be a great opportunity for business especially for advertising. The Facebook control level will allow people to consider about the audience who will see the ads. That is why it can be a great platform for local advertising. Here are the approaches which can be used for using the Facebook Ads for local advertising.

Hyper-Local Advertising

The local advertising was taken by Facebook to further step into hyper-local advertising and it is called Local Awareness Ads. Facebook is able to picture the people location accurately using location data from the mobile apps, IP data, as well as profile information. It is not only about the permanent home location but also about the traveling location throughout the day. The ad platform will get injection of this information. It means that people can target the customers who live in the area near their business location. They even can target the transient customers as well. These local awareness ads will allow the customers to send message and call directly from the ads. The customers will also be able to find the direction to their business location. Of course they will also be able to learn more about the business details and be sent to certain business website. This is the most cost effective advertising campaign which people can find after all.

ZIP Codes for Targeting Facebook Ads

Targeting ads can be done with Facebook and people even will be able to use the ZIP codes for this purpose. It sounds meaningless since people can get great support from Local Awareness Ads. However, people can find the demographic data from outside which is different from the Facebook and it is based on the ZIP codes. Different size as well as area can be reached by ZIP codes because it is different from the radius based zones which are created by Facebook. This method will be more useful for targeting people who are living in certain area instead of them who just passing through the area.

Local Demographics and Connections

Typical approach which is used by the most online advertising platform is by targeting the ads based on the demographics aspect from the age to the online search activity. Further depth to this approach can be offered by Facebook. It comes from the fact that the profiles and also the behavior of the users will offer the same demographics data which is more accurate. Demographic data has greater meaning than just regional similarities.

Specific Time Ads Display

It is allowed by Facebook for setting the ads to run on specific times and dates. When people are talking about online advertising using social media especially Facebook, they have to pay great attention to the national events as well as holidays. It can also be useful for helping on the local level as well. All that people have to do is just asking about the local events which can pertain to their niche. People just need to be more aware about the local events which can offer the potential growth for their Facebook advertising and more importantly to their business. People also must not forget for layering their ads.



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