If you have seen it and you haven’t made up your mind yet, you can save a bunch of money by getting your hands on Vidyz tonight before midnight Eastern. On top of locking in a discount, here’s why you need to get your hands on this now…

  • You can auto-play your videos in ANY browser
  • You can keep 100% of your traffic on your page as there are ZERO external links out to other sites…like the competitors do
  • You get embed your videos on ANY page builder…or simply use our cloud-based SEO optimized video pages (no hosting or domain required!)
  • You can take advantage of 47% more traffic with mobile-optimized video so people can play your videos on ANY mobile device
  • You can also record and upload DIRECTLY from your smart phone so you can get your videos published as fast as you can create them.
  • It’s 100% beginner-friendly, so anyone can get started without having to go through a ton of tutorials
  • Plus, a whole lot more!

Vidyz Review — FAQ

How many videos can I have in Vidyz?
On the front end you can have 10 simultaneous videos. This means that if you reach your 10 limit you can delete one and replace it with another. There is an option to upgrade to “Unlimited” videos in the sales funnel, but you need to own the base version to upgrade.

Do I need a website or hosting?
No! Your videos are hosted on our high end secure servers. So are your auto generated video pages

Is Vidyz mobile friendly?
Yes! Your videos and your auto generated video pages will work on any mobile device and are mobile responsive

What if I need help?
Our support is here for you, we respond so fast you won’t believe it.

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