Nimbuzz, just like Skype, JusTalk, and Viber is blocked in the UAE. However, with a VPN, UAE residents can unblock Nimbuzz easily. Find out how in the article below.

How to Unblock Nimbuzz in UAE

How to Unblock Nimbuzz in UAE

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Is Nimbuzz Blocked in the UAE

Thousands of people use Nimbuzz around the world, with the exception of UAE residents. Internet users in the UAE cannot make video or voice calls on Nimbuzz because it is banned there. The government has strict rules regarding foreign VoIP services that compete with the national ones. Plus, the UAE government does not allow any service or VoIP that they have no control over.

How to Unblock Nimbuzz in the UAE

There are plenty of inaccessible services in the United Arab Emirates by order of the government. Despite the UAE’s strict internet restrictions, Nimbuzz can be accessed in the UAE using a virtual private network. A VPN creates a digital tunnel through which your device accesses the Internet, as well as rerouting your connection through a designated server in the country of your choice, providing a level of privacy and security.

A VPN is the way to unblock all kinds of restricted content. The VPN allows its users to access a private network where all their data passes through before reaching the public network, which is the Internet. The minute you connect to a different server, you get a new IP address. Unblocking Nimbuzz is no different than unblocking other services here’s how you do so:

  1. Sign up for an ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install the app on the device you wish to use Nimbuzz on.
  3. Connect to a server where Nimbuzz is available.
  4. Now, you can access Nimbuzz privately and freely in the UAE.

In order to bypass restrictions on Nimbuzz, all you need to do is subscribe to ExpressVPN. It’s a highly reliable and well- functioning service provider that is capable of unblocking worldwide content. For more recommended VPNs for UAE, check out the table below.

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About Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz is the best instant messenger platform to call and chat with your friends. It is a super popular service. 200 million registered users prove that. Nimbuzz Messenger allows you to make cheap international voice calls, send unlimited chat messages, share files across popular messengers. This Messenger is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian, Java, Windows, and Mac.

Unblock Nimbuzz in the UAE

With a VPN, your loved ones become just a tap away. Call your friends and family anytime in the UAE via Nimbuzz after installing a VPN.

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