The Grand Tour Season 2 is set to premiere on Amazon Prime this weekend. The release date has been set to December 8th, 2017. The popular trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May are all coming back to the show that has been dubbed “Top Gear on Steroids”. In the article below, you can find everything you need to know about Grand Tour Season 2, including how to watch it online in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and the rest of the globe.

How to Watch Grand Tour Season 2 Online?

How to Watch Grand Tour Season 2 Online?

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How to Watch Grand Tour Season 2 Online?

Just like the first season, the second season of Grand Tour is an Amazon Prime exclusive. That means you won’t be able to watch the popular TV series on the likes of Netflix, Hulu, or Showtime. Thanks to Amazon Prime’s expansion to almost all regions across the world, you should have no trouble watching Grand Tour on your favorite streaming devices regardless of where you currently live. You should be able to watch the show on PC, Mac, Android, PS4, Xbox, Roku, FireStick, iOS, in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and the rest of the world by signing up with Amazon Prime. If you haven’t signed up already, you can benefit from a free one-month subscription.

If you own an Apple TV, you won’t be able to watch Grand Tour or any other Amazon Prime exclusive on your streaming gadget. While there has been talk about releasing an Amazon Prime app for Apple TV, these plans are yet to materialize.

Amazon Prime is also not available on Chromecast. You can, however, use this workaround to watch Amazon Prime Video on your Chromecast.

How Many Episodes Will Season 2 Have?

The first season featured 13 episodes. Therefore we expect Season 2 to also have around a dozen of new episodes.

Where Will Season 2 Be Filmed?

Mozambique, Switzerland, the US and Georgia are some of the location which will feature in this season. Richard Hammond was involved in a motorbike accident in Mozambique and Season 2 will feature footage from that incident as well.

Grand Tour Season 2 Trailer

What If Amazon Prime Isn’t Available In My Country?

There might be a slight chance that Amazon Prime isn’t currently available where you live. If that’s the case, you can always use VPN to bypass regional restrictions and unblock your favorite streaming channels while travelling abroad. ExpressVPN is one VPN service provider you can use on your PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, or iPad.

How to Watch Grand Tour Season 2 Online – Conclusion

Grand Tour Season 1 was very successful. In the days following the launch it became Amazon Video’s most watched premiere episode.We cannot wait to see what Season 2 has in store for us.

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