How to get Hulu on Amazon TV Fire Cube outside the US? Amazon has recently announced the launch of their latest device in the Fire TV media streamers, the Fire TV Cube. Its main feature involves controlling the TV and the Amazon Fire TV software with your voice. That’s not all, you can also control the volume, navigate the channels, and search for content on channels like Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, and more. What would make owning a Fire TV Cube even more pleasurable is having channels like Hulu on it. Hulu is an entertainment company that provides OTT services and has a huge streaming library of Live and On Demand channels. From original series and hit shows to movies and programmes, it offers quality TV and would make a great addition to your Fire TV Cube. It would be a shame to have Hulu on the Fire TV Cube and not be able to use it. In the following tutorial, we’ll explain how you can watch Hulu on your Fire TV Cube outside the US using a VPN.

How to Watch Hulu on Fire TV Cube Outside The US

How to Watch Hulu on Fire TV Cube Outside The US

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How to Watch Hulu on Fire TV Cube

You can’t watch “The Mindy Project” or “The Handmaid’s Tale” if you are in The UK, Austrailia, Canada, Germany, or France. Unless you’re physically located in the US and have an American IP address, Hulu is out of your reach. However, this can be adjusted with the help of a virtual private network. A VPN creates a private network in which users’ data passes through before reaching the public network, that is the Internet. It also allows them to spoof their location by replacing their IP addresses. Users can connect to whatever server found in the country where their favorite channels are based. As a result, they get a new IP and hence become eligible to access restricted content. After installing your VPN, you can watch current hit shows, classic series, and acclaimed movies instantly with Hulu. This is how you use a VPN :

  1. First, sign up with a VPN provider that offers an Amazon Fire TV Cube-compatible VPN app.
  2. Then, download and install the VPN application to your Fire TV Cube.
  3. Launch the VPN application and sign in using your VPN account.
  4. Now, connect to an American VPN server.
  5. Finally, launch the Hulu application.
  6. Watch Hulu outside the USA on Fire TV Cube.

If you’re looking for a reputable and guaranteed VPN service provider, look no further because ExpressVPN is the best VPN service for anonymously streaming content on Hulu. You can also check out other VPN service providers in the table below.

Best VPN For Hulu

Hulu is available to US customers only, it’s the same case with Netflix and many other channels. Now you’re probably wondering why should you even be reading this if you can’t access it outside the US. Why bother and install Hulu in the first place? You should download it because thanks to VPN service providers, people anywhere can watch whatever they want. A VPN’s most significant feature is bypassing geo restrictions and enabling users to access blocked from all over the world. Now there’s nothing stopping you from installing the streaming service on your Fire TV Cube.

  • Unblock Geo-restricted apps: Unblock and watch streaming apps like Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime.
  • VPN Applications: All of the apps are user-friendly and operate on PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and FireStick.
  • Ultimate Privacy: Your online activities are kept secure and private.
  • Reduce costs. Once a VPN network is created, the maintenance cost becomes low.
  • Bypass ISP Throttling: VPNs prevent ISPs from throttling your Internet speed so that you can enjoy online video streaming without interruptions.
  • Online anonymity: You get to go online without revealing your true identity.

Hulu On Fire TV Cube

Once you get Hulu on your Fire TV Cube, you get to choose between the plan with Live TV (Beta) plan (which includes the entire streaming library plus over 50 Live and On Demand channels) and the Limited and No Commercials plans (which features Hulu’s streaming library without Live TV). Just when you thought Hulu is great on a Firestick, you haven’t seen it work on a Fire TV Cube. The more you watch, the better your TV experience gets. Once you realize that having a VPN installed on your Fire TV Cube provides security and unlocks Hulu’s large streaming library, you wouldn’t want to use your product before subscribing to a VPN first.

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